Idli Upma with Podi – Kids Lunch Box, Menu for Kids!

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The second week in planning a menu for daughter was successfully written down and plans to execute it to the T is decided. Konda was most disappointed in not having most of the items not done last week with her being at home on holidays. So to address that she suggested most of the dishes that she missed for this week. Though I tried to change it.

The most interesting thing was, when I called her in for a chat on this, the boys were eager to let me know what they wanted too. It was so cute that they said “Amma, maaki Maggi Pampi (Ma, send us Maggi)” They are so fond of Maggi, I guess all kids are, that they won’t mind being given this everyday. I restrict to once a week, though I find it very hard to make them forget it.

Anyway this is the menu planned for this week.

Week 2 Breakfast Lunch
Monday Idli with Groundnut Chutney Idli Upma with Podi
Dosa with Carrot Kurma
Stuffed Paneer Parathas
Wednesday Bread Jam Parotta with PButter Masala
Thursday Semiya Upma Curd Rice with Pickle
Friday Dosa with Pithiki Pappu Kura Sandwich
The Idli Upma with Podi is nothing but Idli very nicely mashed with Podi and ghee and packed. This is one of my most favorite lunch during school. Since I planned for Idli with chutney for breakfast, I convinced her to take this for lunch. Konda actually likes the Idli mashed and mixed with Sambar. Its been a while since I made it for her. I prefer that as it so much healthy and tasty too.

This is box that Konda carried with her. Double flovoured Cakes for snacks and Lays classic salted along with Idli Upma with Podi.

Have a great week ahead!

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Idli Upma with Podi - Kids Lunch Box, Menu for Kids!
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  1. I never heard of idli upma before! Besides being a convenient dish to pack in a lunch, it's also a very good way to use leftover idlis- thanks for the idea! I want some of that cake.

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