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From my personal experience, there is no better teacher than your child. Be it for patience, knowledge, smartness or being innovative in cooking. One maybe the greatest chefs of all time, yet the stumbling block will be preparing a meal that a kid will love without making faces. Or at the worst, ignoring your and your plate outright!
I have faced many such incident with my daughter and have always been in search of new things that will interest her. Every year one item catches her fancy. It maybe the bane or the benefit for me, that continues for the whole year. Try you may, yet you can’t actually find a reason for the fancy, simply can’t. I have done that, and left it at that, deciding that it at times works out to be a blessing in disguise for me. I am not up to question such blessings.
Last year Konda’s favorite item was Dosas, this year it has been bread. Anytime, every time you offer a bread and say you will make a variety with it, she is happy. she has been after me for sending her Bread Jam for lunch. With a loaf always in stock, I find most of my woes are answered. But I feel guilty taking advantage of that.
Well to make the story short, this is the reason behind this event. I have now about 50 great ideas to help me ensure she gets something interesting to eat for breakfast. I have already tried some of them and she was trilled to know these were sent for her. So thank you very much for sending along these entries and making my little girl happy.
Before we check out the entries, lets see what the next one going to be!

The next one in the series will be Kid’s delight ~ Wholesome Snacks.

Please use this Logo,

For a better idea, check out what wiki says about snacks

I have to pack a snack for my daughter. Most times I resort to store bought snacks or fruits or biscuits. so I am definitely looking for ideas to get this done at home.

Rules are same, Entries should be fit for a kid’s snack box. Please read the Kid’s Delight page for more details on this event. As previously I will be trying out the entries myself too. So I welcome your suggestions too.

The entries can be something you cooked for your own child or for a child in your family, friends etc. Or even enjoyed as a kid yourself.

The last date to send in the entries will be March 20th 2010.

The entry Form is below, an email notification will be sent to all participants on submission. Please mail me if you don’t get an auto notification.

Now lets check out the breakfasts, shall we?

I have categories based either on the type of breakfast or the mode of cooking. I hope this list will help many moms!


Of all the many beautiful things, baked dishes capture my fancy most. Maybe it’s got to do with the many fiction I used to devour as a kid, but somehow those freshly baked loaves, or the soft buns or those tempting muffins, are one of a kind.
We have four entries coming under this, each vying for attention. I guess we can grab all of them anyways!
For Ambika, it is the fantasy of brown bread that held her thoughts since childhood. She used to get treat with her granny eating only this. So inspiration struck which made her bake these lovely Whole Wheat Oats Potato Bread, oats rolled in as a bonus!

Were you ever kindled to recreate your childhood fancies? I am sure there were many. And I was pleased reading about Kalai’s Stuffed Croissants which she calls as FAN-tastic Croissants
Lataji shares with us a recipe that her daughter tried and was a hit. I am sure these Potato Buns will be as truly tempting as she makes it sound!
If you are keen on eggless and on muffins, I am sure you will be excited reading about Renu’s Eggless Blueberry Muffin, which are a perfect breakfast treat with milk, I seriously think I make this for myself!


We then move on the next category of dishes that are my most favorite ones, you ask which is not? Well keep asking! Dosas, Adais and Pancakes, you have your choice and choose what you may!
Asha comes with a bang every week to give us a visual treat. This time she makes this Mixed Dal Adai, which is a very healthy way to start the day, be it for kids or adults!

Indrani’s Chocolate Pancake is already a hit at home with my daughter as I have made this couple of times already!. Tell me who will not love to feast on chocolate?
Madhuri has the perfect solution for those rush hour mornings with her Healthy Savoury Pancakes. They loved it and she wishes we do, yeah yeah I am sure we will do too!

Nisha loves these Oats Rava Cheela that she learnt from a friend of hers. Since she was sending to this event, she added some veggies too as bonus!
Having a packet of soya beans lying around unnoticed, Pari decided Soybean Rice Adai was the best solution. This takes care of a healthy breakfast in place!
For PJ, who shares the usual love for idlis and dosas, resorts to this Multi Flour Dosa as an answer to avoid those long hours of grinding and soaking. I agree on that! And this works out best when you kid suddenly ask for some.

Then we have some 4 awesome entries from Priya, as I always say her family is one lucky lot. Not only does she make many varieties, she makes them healthy too!. Check out her Barley Paruppu Adai, Oats Pesarattu, Sprouted Moongdal & Barley Masala Dosa and finally her delicious Instant Cornmeal & Oats Dosai. Thank you for the great service you do priya!
This wonderful Multi Legume Dosai with Sesame seeds comes from the famous duo of the A 2 Z Veg’ Cuisine. Well Sadana says she goes to the extent of peeling of the peanut skin if the child wants it so.

Innovation starts at home and I saw it beautiful depicted with Sowjanya’s All Egg Dosa. This is a wonderful dosa topped with egg on which another layer of Tomato tokku goes, how awesome. I am sure kids will loves great looking one!

And finally from me the pancake that I tried from Indrani, these tasty chocolate pancake that Konda simply loved!

Next we move on to Idiyappam, Noodles, Pasta, how rhyming right!
Divya said she will send an entry that she loved as a kid. I am sure many of us do. Ragi Idiyappam is such a wonderful healthy way to enjoy the idiyappams!
Imagine my jaws drooping reading that Roma’s little daughter loves Capsicum! She makes this Pasta with Fusilli combined with capsicums and served with Butter Toasts. Now I wish my kids eat those too!
Simplyfood makes this aromatic Baby Corn Carrot Noodles, since these are quick to get done, you have breakfast or lunch ready in minutes!
Veggie Noodle Nests are very interesting way to serve Idiyappam along with kurma from Sowjanya. she packs it with veggies, which is a sure way to get the kids eat the veggies.
Then from me, a quick vermicelli upma, for on the run!


Then we have some cool paniyarams making their way.

We have Champa re defining paniyaram by making Ragi Banana Paniyaram, which I have already tried and loved!

Then we have Kamala Bhoopathy sending us two exciting dishes, Vegetable Kuzhi Paniyaram and the other Green Gram Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram.

Seeing Champa’s beautiful paniyaram, I tried for my daughter and she loved it, these Ragi Banana Paniyaram is just too good.


We then move to the Roti, Parathas, Pooris entries! How yum!
Reading this entry from Jayasree, I empathize how creative we ought to become. Her Veggie puris has a long story behind it. Read it yourself!
Kalai makes this tempting Sweet Potato Wraps with homemade masalas and feels rejuvenated remembering her childhood. I am sure kids love these ready to eat wraps!
PJ makes this delicious Masala chapathi with vegetables, sure way to sneak veggies into your kid’s diet!
We have another lovely entry from Priya, this time a Soya Flour & Dill Paratha, because she loves soya and wanted to make it more aromatic!

If you are in a mood for a Gujarati Methi Thepla, then I suggest you check out Simplyfood’s entry!
Lie if you may or plead if you may, result is to get your kid eat the healthy food! This is how Spice gets her child eat those Ragi Rotis.

Next on the list are some lovely sandwiches
First we have a Colourful Heart Sandwiches and Double Flavoured Toasts from Shoba Shrinivasan. She is always on the lookout to make food look very attractive for her daughter.
Then we have a Sub inspired Vegetable Sandwich coming from Silpa. They love these so much that she found a way to make it at home to enjoy!

Suma sends us a French Toast With An Orange Twist. A sure way to satisfy your sweet craving and a way to please kids and adults at the same time.
Egg Sandwich comes all the way from Tazaika. These are her kid’s favorite ones, and she is happy that it is a healthy wholesome meal on its own!

Then we move to catch up with some steamed dishes!

Saraswathi sends us this Masala Idlis, which surely perks up a dull moment!
And if you find your kid refusing to partake an idli, I am sure you will be interested to read Sowjanya who makes these Kadubu Idli or tower idli. Do read on her wonderful story about a temple visit.
Spice calls her Dhokla as Spicy Multi-Legume Cakes. Wonder why? She says she makes it with 4 different lentils, I am sure it sounds very interesting!

I like the rhyming of this entry Puttum Payarum Pinae Pappadavum  from Swathi. I simply love the healthy options kerala cuisine has to offer us!


Then we have some exciting other entries which were unique on their own.

Champa sends in one awesome looking Whole Grain Waffles with apple butter, which makes me want to reach out.

Then we have a Mixed Vegetable Curry With Spices And Nuts from Kalva. She says her daughter loves this along with rotis.

Kelsey was all eager to make this awesome wholesome Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal, which makes a breakfast all worth it.

Madhuri ooh-la-laโ€ฆtasting her first bite of this Oats Kharabhath. Now who says one shouldn’t make tasty food while on diet. Well the question is from her ok!

Pearls and Gems, Pearls and Gems for breakfast!! Wondering what these are? Well that was how Nevidita piqued my curiosity by tweeting me and FBing me on the entry. Curious, well check it out yourself. I am only glad her kid loves this.

Radhika sends us this Thiruvadhirai Kali that she made for breakfast which her kids liked so much. Seeing the recipe, makes me want to try it soon.

Then we have a Tri-Color Bell Peppers Omelette coming from Tigerfish. She says she has been trying to incorporate all colours in food. She talks about rainbow diet to toddlers and infants, wow!

And finally a sweet dish to end the event, a moong Dal Halwa from Priyanka. Her son loved it so much that she is for sure going to make it often!.


I am sure that was one wonderful round up. I would like to thank all participants for sending in their entries. If I have missed out any entry, pls let me know, it shall be amended right away.

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  1. Loved the roundup SrivalliWe don't get the regular 'indian' sncks here and I am always in a fix when lil angel asks for something to munch.Will surely send u some entries and eagerly waiting for the roundup..

  2. Srivalli, for the snack round up the options have only 7 categories…cookies, cupcakes,dish with sliced fruits…etc. We wanted to submit a baked dish that does not belong to any of the categories that is mentioned in the form, however it is a kid friendly snack…pl let us know what category we cld use.
    thanks!!looking fwd to cooking for kids:-)

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