Announcing Kid’s Delight ~ Colouring your Kid’s Delight!

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Yes you read it right! While I was breaking my head on what theme can be best for the next version for Kid’s Delight, I happen to read Nithi’s pinky puris and I thought well this is the next theme. I know I have tried colouring the food to make it more attractive, like adding Spinach to puris to get Green Puris, Beets to get pink ones. But I never really thought much beyond that. Then of course you may remember Harini’s Food in Colour  the event that coloured many blogs.
Coming to this event, this is going to be one edition focused on colouring food to please your kids. My daughter was so happy getting green, pink puris. so it is natural that kids love colourful food.

So here is what you got to do.
Post on your blog from now till July 15th, 2010.
Once done, you can fill in your details in the form below for the event (if you face problem please mail me, I will address it)
Link back to this announcement and add the logo so that we spread the news on the event.
The dish prepared should have been accepted by your own kid, kid from your family or friends. Or even something that you loved eating as a kid. (Because the idea is to tell my kids that another kid loved this, there by making them eat it, thank you!)
The last date for the entries is 15th July 2010. You can send in as many entries you can. Older entries are welcome too.
Other ideas and suggestions are most welcome. I am hoping you will help me get better ideas!

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  1. That's a lovely theme Srivalli.My lil one loves colored dishes better than the regular food!I guess all kids are alike in this respect!!Will surely send u some entries.

  2. Sri, I made something with Mango and Saffron(natural colors) and will be posting it in 2 weeks before I go for Summer break. Is that Mango dish okay to send you?

  3. hey just was trying to send u the 2nd entry for the event..but was unable to do so..its doesnt show any there any email id where i can send my entries..also ur list of categories shows no pasta dishes..r they allowed…

  4. hi dear…tried again n again for 2-3 times.i give up.. nt able to post ..doesnt show any msg nor the mail i recieved..i just recieved a mail for my forst entry kiwi salad…i hv no of entries pending…pls proveide ur mail id so tht i can post u teh entries there…

  5. Hy Srivalli,
    First time here…Amazed by your collection of healthy recipes.
    Loved your interesting concept of event. I will be sending my colorful recipe too.
    Glad to follow u.
    Do drop in at my space sometime.

  6. Hi Srivalli. really nice theme. being a mother of an one year old I know how difficult it is to feed kids. have sent you entry hope you will like this.

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