Kid’s Delight ~ Holiday Special Round up

Finally after so many days of procrastination, I was able get this round up in place. I don’t want to give excuses, just enough that I didn’t plan well to do this properly as I always wish to do. Please excuse on that. The next round up will be up to my style for sure.
I would like to thank all the bloggers who found time to send me these. I will surely plan to make these for my kids.

Chitra Hegde’s Corn Dhokla
Chitra Hegde’s Veggie wheel rolls
Jaleela Kamal’s Truity Fruity with banana custurd
Kavita Srivastava’s Choco Fruit Cup
Kavita Srivastava’s Pancakes
Monika Manchanda’s Nutella Pinwheel
PJ’s Microwave Eggless Dates cake
PJ’s Microwave Eggless chocolate brownies with Banana
PJ’s Fried Banana
Priya Sreeram’s Creamed Peas
Priya Sreeram’s Garlic Bread- Quick & Easy
Priya Sreeram’s Roti Wraps
Priya Sreeram’s Stir Fried Rice with Eggs n Baby corn
Priya Sreeram’s Spicy Cheese Bread Omlette
Priya Suresh’s Floating Islands
Priya Suresh’s Chickpeas & Bread Masal Vadai
Priya Suresh’s Spicy Potato Crackers
Priya Suresh’s Herbed Brown Rice Straws
Priya Suresh’s Chocolate Madeleines
Priya Suresh’s Eggless Banana & Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream
Priyanka’s Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
Sameena’s Banana dosa
Sameena’s Cheese pasta with veggies
Sanjeeta’s Savoury Vegetable Cake
Santosh Bangar’s Lachha Paratha
Santosh Bangar’s Paneer Kachori
Santosh Bangar’s Dal Kachori
Savitha Ramesh’s Fluffy Spinach Omlett with carrot traces
Supriya’s Spicy Baked Penne
Vanishri’s Cheese Dosa
Veena Aravind’s Mooli ka paratha
Veena Aravind’s Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce
Veena Aravind’s Peanut Butter Bon-Bons
Veena Aravind’s Seasonal Yogurt / Fruit Yogurt
Veena Aravind’s Kathi Nugget Rolls
Veena Aravind’s Quick Garlic Toasts
And finally from me, Ghee Rice in Microwave, Pesara Purnalu, Paneer Tikka in Microwave and Paneer Tikka on Stove top.

Thank you and have a great week ahead. Please drop me a line if I have missed out any entry.

Check out my Blogging Marathon buddies in action! Priya Suresh, Jay, Monika, PJ, Priya Vaasu, Azeema, Reva, Ayeesha & Soumya.

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