“No Fasting No Feasting” Diet Plan

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When I decided to get back to another regime of dieting, the Diet Plan I shared sometime back was very much sought out again. I have been doing this diet for the past couple of weeks though I know I have become more lazy without doing the morning walks.

One of the first thing I believe is that when you decide to do something, first thing you got to do is to declare to your family as it really helps that they remind you, even when you try to forget it..:) That’s exactly what happens with me, since the time I am doing this, I don’t have anybody asking me to dig in or indulge in rich food. I know being a foodie, it is really a hard part. Especially today when I had enjoyed a hearty Onam Sadya with office friends. It was a sort of farewell to a friend is leaving, so couldn’t say no and of course, I love Kerala Food.

So excusing myself for today, I decided I should at least put this up to make sure I remember and also come up with healthy meal ideas for dieting.

Before that, few of the things that are important to remember while you are doing a plan. These are what I have already said in the Diet Plan, just wanted to write here for quick reference.

If walking is not possible, at least some warm up exercise is a must on daily basis. Brisk walking for 20 mins is a must.

Never skip your Breakfast.

The first phase during which you are planning to reduce measurable amount of weight, it’s important that you eat a diet that’s different from what you are used to eat. Like if you are rice eater, avoid rice completely and take up wheat, other whole grains.

Works out the same for Wheat eaters also. Of course in case you think you can eat the same amount of rice, then we will go wrong. Rice is always best to avoid and consume very minimal of it.

When you enter into your second phase where you want to maintain your weight, you can have a regular meal without much oil or very spicy.

Avoid or reduce salt intake, fried items.

Never binge on snacks and aerated drinks.

Have a light tiffin or fruit, lentil for evening snack.

Dinner can be Vegetable cream soups.

Since for women over 30, it is important to include calcium, it is always advisable to consume one glass of low fat milk with your diet.

Apart from the above, I also do the below plan:

1 tsp of Ajwain, Fenugreek seeds with lukewarm water.

Then coffee with biscuit.

At 8 – 8.30 boiled vegetables/ papaya

At 10.30 am Oats with Milk / Corn flakes / Veg. Soup with Brown Bread


3 Phulkas, sambar/Dal, boiled Vegetables,


Guava/ Apple

You are supposed to eat Rotis with Subzi at 7 pm (I am not able to do this right now)

Lentils/ Sundals along with Soup at 9 – 9.30 pm

If you read my Diet plan, few things might have changed. I have not gone back and updated. The above is what I am following now.

Apart from this I am also planning to cook the reformed versions of some of the interesting dishes.

All the dishes that I am going to prepare will also suit Diabetic diet.
Follow my previous Diet Plans
If you are interested in Diabetic Diet Recipes you can refer the recipes which are suitable for doing this diet also.
Disclaimer – This diet has worked for me, I am not a dietician, nutritionist or a medical professional nor am I trying to play one here. If you want to follow these, please consult with your doctor or a dietician. Follow this diet at your own risk.

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