Homemade Chocolate Recipe 3 | How to make Chocolate at home with Step by Step Recipe

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I had something ready for today but then I was so tempted to make those Chocolates I used to make during my college days. I remember saying I should check out the recipe and make them again. So when I got a day off middle of the week, what do you expect me to do. I went in search of the old recipe book, while flipping through the handwritten book I was hit with nostalgia on the number of times Amma and I would have sat with it and discussed recipes. The dairy has all hand written recipes that we have collected over years. There were infact three different recipes for homemade chocolates, I remember making with Milk powder and so selected this recipe.
I am sure I will always get another chance to try out the other two recipes.  This recipe again is very quick to make and you won’t go wrong. I was so glad when Chinnu tasted a tiny bit and said he loves this.  I am sure one can’t go wrong in making a dish following the recipe, but I realized I can. Instead of getting a sugar syrup, I was in haste to remove some impurities I found in the sugar and completely forgot about cooking the sugar to a thread consistency. Result was, I was chatting with Athamma and before I could even realize I poured the sugar into the milk powder. Anyway I rescued it by cooking it till I felt the consistency was right.
After setting it for over almost 24 hr, I think the chocolate is set in the correct texture. I made this on Thursday late evening and thought overnight refrigeration would be enough. But it took the entire day and this morning to get to the shape. If you followed the sugar thread method, I am sure it will come out quicker. Otherwise it will taste like a fudge.

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Homemade Chocolate Recipe 3

Ingredients Needed:

Milk Powder – 2 cups
Sugar – 1 & 3/4 cups
Unsweetened Butter – 1 cup
Cocoa powder – 1/4 cup
Water – 1/4 cup

How to Make Chocolate

In a bowl, mix milk powder, cocoa powder.

Heat a thick bottom pan with sugar and water. Remove impurities if any. Continue cooking till you get a thick sugar syrup.

Then add the milk powder, cocoa powder mix and butter. Mix well and keep blending it till you find the sides leaving.

Have a greased aluminum foil coated square pan, pour the hot chocolate and tap on the floor for air to be removed

Refrigerate till done. It took me about 24 hrs for it to be set.


First time round I made the mistake of straining the sugar directly into the milk-cocoa powder mix and then cooking it. This will also work well. But best will be to get the sugar syrup well and then add the mix.

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Homemade Chocolate Recipe 3 | How to make Chocolate at home with Step by Step Recipe
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Votes: 6
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  1. why do you insist on greased aluminium foil at the end ,why can't I use normal greased tray/greased plate for pouring in the chocolate?

  2. Rani, The greased foil is to enable us to handle the chocolates easily. We can simply peel the paper off, whereas with a plate or tray, it will still get struck to the plate and it may loose the shape. I found it easy with foil. Thanks

  3. Neha This recipe calls for milk powder only. If you make with milk it will turn out to be more like fudge texture and not a chocolate texture. I think it will be about 2 cups of milk.

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