Blogging Marathon # 23 – 3 Day Marathon for 4 weeks!

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We are entering  into the 23rd Edition of Blogging Marathon
during the December Month. With the way things have been with me offlate, if not for BM, I might not have got my lazy bones to post anything.So this three day a week really works out so well.

if this happens to be your first time of knowing about Blogging
Marathon, you can read about all the history, the thought process that’s
gone in everything in one place in the BM#18 intro

For details on BM, check out the Blogging Marathon page.
Once I get all details I will be updating this page. Bloggers taking
part in this marathon need to just link back to this page.
The entry is again by Sign ups and each theme will again have only 4 bloggers on first come first basis. 
because of the new rules I will not be able to accept late sign ups as
it will become extremely hard for me to manage otherwise. If you feel
you want to do it, please decide ahead, else you can join later.
Commenting on the week blogger’s post is mandatory.
And subscription to the group will be monthly basis. 
If you want to know how the Blogging Marathon started, read the first edition
So the 23rd edition will 
3, 4, 5 December
10, 11, 12 December
17, 18, 19 December
24, 25, 26 December
Please email me at latest by 23rd November along with your theme.
FYI:  Requests to join after 23rd November will not be accepted.
Mandatory rules for this Blogging Marathon are as below:
  • Should take up 2 weeks of BM without fail. It can be any two weeks.
  • Will have to post on all 3 days with 2 weeks without fail
  • Same theme can’t be taken by one blogger.
  • Should follow the accepted theme all 3
    days, meaning if you choose one topic like Rice, you should post all
    rice based recipes all 3 days.
  • Should link to the Blogging Marathon page.
  • Is expected to actively give feedback on others post.
  • Mandatory reading and commenting on fellow participating member.
Each theme can be selected by four bloggers on first come first bases. 

Other rules will be mailed to the individuals.
Themes for BM # 23rd will be the following:
Since having this theme is to make sure my Kid’s Delight event gets good entries, I thought it makes sense to have two themes based on the hosting time.
Kid’s Delight – Cooking from Kids Story Book (3,4,5 and 10,11,12)
Kid’s Delight – Desserts  (17,18,19 and 24,25,26)
Kid’s Delight – Cooking from Kids Story Books (3,4,5 and 10,11,12)
up, I lived on story books and the many different dishes that the
characters enjoyed in the books. Be it Famous Five, Secret Seven or
Harry Potter, the sandwiches, the cakes, the lemonade captured my fancy
like nothing else. When I started baking, the first thing I wanted to
bake was ginger man.
So what better theme than asking you to cook for your kids from these many books. Archana Potdar
has just that in mind. The recipes will have to be something from a
children story book, with enough mention of the book details and all
citation given.
Kid’s Delight – Desserts  (17,18,19 and 24,25,26) 

Come  December and you might want to make some desserts for your Kids. We were almost wanting to make it Chocolate. Then we decided we would include the whole stuff to make it easy for the kids.

So send us any dessert that your Kids love and Veena would love to do a round up of those delicious treats!

Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes & Muffins

Ok this needs no introduction right. But just to make it little tough you can only make cupcakes and muffins and all of them have to be eggless. Both cupcakes and muffins should be eggless and can have anything chocolate. Meaning you can bake with choco chips, sauce etc. Not necessary that the entire cake has to be of chocolate base.

Traditional Dishes

Let’s get back to make traditional dishes, however you get to make only what’s listed here. From the below list, select any three and post.

Mysore Pak
Rose Cookies

Though couple of the above are the same, you got to make as how it is done locally. Like Gujjia and Karanji are the same, except each is from different state. We have the same dish in Andhra, though the filling and making is little different. So select the recipe and make it from the specific sate.

Carrots in 3 different ways

As the theme says, using carrots make any three dishes, any course, any cuisine.

Festival Preparations

With us having so many Festivals, it’s obvious one has to plan well. Meaning there are some who make homemade stuffs, be it food, crafts ect for Diwali Gifts. Basically under this theme you can post anything related to your preparation that you would do for any Festival. Be is cooking in huge number or making handmade gifts etc.

Zero Oil cooking

Being healthy conscious, you can convert a dish to make it without Oil. PS: The recipe originally should require oil in it’s cooking. You can’t post dishes that basically don’t require oil and call it Zero Oil cooking. If you are making a biryani, you can should how you did without using oil / butter or how you replaced it.

Christmas Special

As the theme says, anything and everything that are prepared for Christmas. You can bring into focus on dishes that are popular in your region.

Special Theme –  Revisiting the old with new pictures

Do three weeks and for the
4th week you get to do the special theme.
This is accepted only for the 4th week.
Please spread the details if you want your friends to be part of this marathon.
Let’s gear up for another non stop blogging!

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