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Let’s see how to Caramelize Sugar for making desserts like Caramel Custard. We are starting the first week of the 25th Edition of Blogging Marathon. I feel elated that we have reached a milestone in blogging. What started as a way to keep this blog live, it’s become an obsession, in the end, to continue blogging and sharing recipes.

When I think of BM, what strikes more is the way so many bloggers have embraced this and have been doing this for so many editions. This is not possible without any of their support. There was a time when it was 7 nonstop blogging for two weeks with different themes. I literally used to keep thinking and pondering on the different themes that can make this BM interesting. I hope I have met the satisfaction.

how to Caramelize Sugar
After a while, we felt seven nonstop days were becoming too much and we settled for a three day, four week pattern and this really suited everybody. This called for even more interesting themes and so I ended up thinking all possible combinations and rules.

All said and done, BM is simply run with the passion that each of us has. And towards that, I have always given in for exceptions. So if you are interested in updating, being part of this wonderful group, you can join us.

We have a surprising thing planned and would be revealing it the end of this month. I hope my friends would enjoy as much as I am looking forward to it.
Coming to the theme this week, I always love basics. Given that we resort to the basics that so help us to make the actual dish, I always look for different ways we make the basics. This is yet another how to make series. Starting today would be caramelizing the sugar. I was specific to say we will be doing liquid basics, I clarify that the basics can be anything that’s more like in a liquid state than a powder.

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How to Caramelize Sugar
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By Cook Method Stovetop
By Cook Method Stovetop
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  1. In a non stick pan, take the sugar and heat it up. Simmer and keep stirring. The sugar will start melting and within seconds the colour will start turning brown or golden.
  2. Continue cooking for couple of seconds when you see the sugar become thick. Then add 2 tbsp water and bring to boil. Make sure you mix the syrup and water well.
  3. Boil in low flame for atleast 5 minutes till the sugar turns into golden brown switch off the flame.
  4. Slowly add the remaining 2 tbsp water to the pan, making sure you don't scald yourself. Mix well and put it back on the flame, bring to a boil and remove.
  5. Store in an airtight bottle.
Recipe Notes

Make sure you turn the sugar into brown and then add water.

Remember to add the water on the hot syrup to prevent it from crystallizing or becoming hard.

The syrup should be more liquid and not very thick.

This can be refrigerated for a week.

In the dish you want to make, add the syrup to the bottom, freeze for at least 10 mins, then pour the other dish over this.

This way the caramel sauce will not mix into the other dish.

You can use this sauce on ice creams, custard, cakes etc

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  1. I have somehow never found the need to prepare cramel yet. Looks perfect.
    Glad to have become a part of this group Valli. I am missing those weekly marathons and the chaos. I know I am being ambitious but can we do another monthly marathon with advanced announcement?

  2. I always have trouble making caramel sauce. It ends up burnt or doesn't have the rich caramel color. Thanks for the detailed post, I'm going ti try my luck with caramel again soon.

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