Oats Date Almond Milkshake ~ Healthy Smoothie!

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We are starting the 26th Edition of Blogging Marathon. I am going to be doing a theme about Cooking from Book. It can be either from a fiction or a cookbook. Basically we decided to have this theme frequently because of the wish from most members that they have so many books, that they wish they could cook from.
So this theme has sort of become a permanent add-on to the list of themes. Then it struck me that I got to make this little more complicated if I need to increase the thrill quotient  I decided to give combos with three categories., from different authors, with one single ingredient. Only after selecting to do the theme myself, I realised how tough the combination ended up!
For days together I was searching for one single ingredient that I can do. To top it all, the categories was worse, God only knows what made me think of selecting that combination. I wanted to make sure I duck from my friends when they decide to yell at me for such complicated combo!
Anyway, finally I selected the ingredient and the authors. For here is the ingredient that I ended up, Oats and for the first day it from Mallika Badrinath’s book of Oats. This is called Oats Date Almond Milkshake and ends up being very rich and smooth, I could easily call it a smoothie.
I almost followed the recipe, though I can’t resist changing something.





Oats Date Almond Milkshake 

Oats – 1 cup
Dates, seedless – nearly 10 pieces
Honey – 2 tbsp
Almonds – 6 -7 nos
Cold Milk – 2 cups
Sugar – 1/2 (opt)

How to make the Milkshake

Dry roast the oats in a pan for couple of minutes. Keep it aside for it to cool down.

Once cooled transfer to a mixer, add chopped dates, half of the almonds, pulse it till the oats are powdered.

Next, add the milk and run again. Now add the honey and pulse again to get a smooth paste.

If you want it thick add more milk, else water can be added.

Clicking drinks is always such a tough task! Every time after I click I realize my mistakes and it’s of course too late!

Always place the glass where you want to click, pour the content after placing, making sure you don’t move the glass. Else you will clearly see the liquid that moved around the rim.


I add half of the almonds as chopped to give that nutty taste when you bite.

Dilute depending on how thick you want this to be.

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 26

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Oats Date Almond Milkshake ~ Healthy Smoothie!
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  1. long time on my to do list…will defintely want to drink some now for energy….loved the first click, it has the reflection of the fruits near the base of the stem, guess putting to use our photography session

  2. Yes BM book combination is a bit difficult to achieve, I am yet to really look into it as its for the last week. Good that you are not ducking the challenge and have come up with an interesting smoothie 🙂

  3. what a healthy shake and I love the way you photographed them in the champagne glasses, especially the 1st photo.
    …and you were right – I spent several days going through my huge cookbook collection trying to find one ingredient from 3 different books representing the 3 different course options you selected – and I said to myself what was I thinking by selecting this category and what was Srivalli thinking – this is HARD!!!!

  4. Lovely props and clicks Valli !! Yummy shake… I was also stumped when I saw the combos from a single ingredient and also crazier combos on your theme today !! Am still thinking what to choose n make….. You couldn't have ducked if we all had protested 🙂 we are all good students, you c!.

  5. I was planning to jump to cooking from cookbooks till i realised the ingredient and course restrictions. Anyway, great ingredient to work with, oats. Love the combo with nuts and dates in a shake

  6. I absolutely love the glasses. Beautiful stems. I am so not an oats and honey fan. In fact cant let it pass my throat. This one seems like a disguise. Should try it sometime. 🙂

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