Blogging Marathon # 29 – 3 Day Marathon for 4 weeks!

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Days surely fly, of course this is an oft quoted statement, nevertheless so true. I can’t believe may has passed us half way through! And here I am with the themes for the next edition. Though the theme selection takes up my thought process for a longer time than I wish, some of the themes for this edition are suggested by Rajani. I simply made it a bit more complicated.

For those of you who are landing here for the first time,
then please check out these posts on Blogging Marathon, you can read
about all the history, the thought process that’s gone in everything in
one place in the BM#18 intro

For details on BM held every month, check out the Blogging Marathon page.
Once I get all details I will be updating this page. Bloggers taking
part in this marathon need to just link back to this page.
The entry is again by Sign ups and each theme will again have only 4 bloggers on first come first basis. 
because of the new rules I will not be able to accept late sign ups as
it will become extremely hard for me to manage otherwise. If you feel
you want to do it, please decide ahead, else you can join later.
Commenting on the week blogger’s post is mandatory.
And subscription to the group will be monthly basis. 
If you want to know how the Blogging Marathon started, read the first edition
So the 28th edition will 
3, 4, 5 June
10, 11, 12 June
17, 18, 19 June
24, 25, 26 June
Please email me at latest by 23rd May along with your theme.
FYI:  Requests to join after 23rd May will not be accepted.
Mandatory rules for this Blogging Marathon are as below:
  • Should take up 2 weeks of BM without fail. It can be any two weeks.
  • Will have to post on all 3 days with 2 weeks without fail
  • Same theme can’t be taken by one blogger.
  • Should follow the accepted theme all 3
    days, meaning if you choose one topic like Rice, you should post all
    rice based recipes all 3 days.
  • Should link to the Blogging Marathon page.
  • Is expected to actively give feedback on others post.
  • Mandatory reading and commenting on fellow participating member.
Each theme can be selected by four bloggers on first come first bases. 

Other rules will be mailed to the individuals.
Themes for BM # 28th will be the following:
Since having this theme is to make sure my Kid’s Delight event gets good entries, I thought it makes sense to have two themes based on the hosting time.
Kid’s Delight – Sweet Treats (3,4,5 and 10,11,12)
Kid’s Delight – Finger food for Kids Party (17,18,19 and 24,25,26)

Please note Kid’s delight posts be it
for the BM theme or the event, needs to be kid approved. Which means you
get your kid, your young relatives or neighbors approve what you have
made. Would surely appreciate a note on who liked it and their age
group. This way we can tag it properly.

Another thing can be that you as a kid liked the particular dish. Else it will not be eligible for both the events.

Kid’s Delight – Sweet Treats  (3,4,5 and 10,11,12)

will be hosting the may edition. She is calling dishes that can be
“Sweet Treats”. It can be anything from Indian Sweets to International
ones (including baked ones). Need to be vegetarian and Egg less.
So why wait, simply make those sweet treats and delight your kids. 
Kid’s Delight –  Finger Food for Kids Party (17,18,19 and 24,25,26) 
Kid’s Delight Edition for June will be hosted by Kalyani.She is calling all moms to make Finger Food for Kids party. Finger Food as you know is anything that are individually served or handled by hand. So ideally all mini versions that will suit the little ones will be great. I guess you can make both sweet and savory!
Cooking from a book

Since everybody says they have so many cookbooks that they never refer, this is the right opportunity to pick up those books to refer! Online reference or blogs is not allowed. The recipe should come from a physical book

Please select any two of the ingredients listed below as your combination and prepare 3 dishes

Toor Dal
Channa Dal
Mangoes (can be unripe and ripe)
Bottle gourd

All three dishes can have any combination from the list and need not be the same for all three days.

Other ingredients in the dish is your choice. But the recipe you are picking up from the book need to have two of the ingredients listed above.

Spice Powders for Cooking

Spice powders are so essential to many Indian cuisines. Especially South Indian cuisine thrives on these spice powders.

Single ingredient or just couple of ingredients like the red chili powder or coriander powder is not allowed.

The spice powder presented can be from any cuisine. Essentially it should aid the cooking.

And not those that we end up eating with tiffins or rice.

Cooking with colours

This is specific to ingredient colour and not the final dish.

Like you can select tomatoes/ Red capsicum for Red
Paneer for white
mango for yellow
Raw / Unripe mango, Green Capsicum for green
Masoor dal for Orange

The final dish can be of any colour as the cooked dish tends to change colour.

Each day has to be one colour.

Course wise meal from any state

Breakfast dishes
Lunch Recipes (Can be rice or gravy)

Under this, if you select the state to be gujarat, then for all three days you will have to make either only breakfast or only lunch or only sweets. All three days have to be from the same state and same course

Selection of the state is your choice.

The dishes have to fall under the given 4 categories. So if you are selecting Gujarat and breakfast, then you will be posting 3 breakfast dishes from gujarat.

Indian fusion with Chocolate Dishes

Well as the theme says bring on your chocolate dishes with a fusion mix on Indian take!

Food for the sick/elderly

The food under this category would include dishes that are healthy and suitable for those recuperating from some illness and elders who have diet restriction.

Special Theme – Do three weeks and for the 4th week you get to do the special theme.

Bookmarked Recipes: As the theme says you can simply post all those that you had bookmarked and tried. This again can be from any source.

This is accepted only for the 4th week (and should have done all three previous weeks).
Please spread the details if you want your friends to be part of this marathon.
Let’s gear up for another non stop blogging!

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