Celebrating Five Years!

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Well I can only say I remembered on time!
I wanted to take a moment to think back on how this journey has been. That took me back on how this came into being. During the last few weeks of August 2008 I got into thinking about this and finally launched it on Aug 30th. Simple reason behind this was the fact that my elder twin wanted his picture on the blog when he saw his twin’s picture on Cooking 4 all Seasons
That led me thinking on what I should do, when I remembered that I was pondering about having a space to cover the many other things I had in mind. So this was reason enough for me to start this blog. I wanted this to be dedicated to Kid friendly Recipes, Diabetes and Healthy dishes and most importantly blog only Vegetarian Dishes.
I even got my Daddy contribute Diabetes articles and I have many diabetic diet published and countless dishes that have been approved by my kids.
However the latter part happened after a while. I saw that I was not concentrating on this space. 

I thought doing a month long marathon should take care of it. I got in some blogger friends and we did the first Blogging Marathon in January 2011. And there was no turning back. 
Now after 31 months of Blogging Marathon, we are entering into the 32nd Edition, which incidentally is a month long marathon. I want to thank my BM Buddies for their undaunted support and their confidence in me to do a good job of BM. 

The friends I have got through Blogging Marathon have become integral part of my life. I wake up reading their emails, sleep before replying to them! So much is my addiction to the BM. I no longer care that I don’t do anything other than BM on this space. Yes I must get back to the other parts of my wish list, sometime.
The pictures that I have shared today are from one of the important event in my blogging life, the BM 25th Celebration we had in Ahmedabad, hosted by Vaishali

Pictures Credit: Kamalika

Like the pictures, my experience has been bright like the flowers above, sweet and crafted like the chocolate, exotic like the fragrance that comes out when you munch on the fresh fennel. 
Finally like the icing on the cake, this pretty flower represents everything that’s pretty about blogging with passion. It’s a privilege knowing and sharing with such wonderful people.
I dedicate this post to my hubby dear who supports me in all my endeavours, Amma and Athamma for inspirations, my kids who love everything I make for them, my Dad for being so proud of me, all BM Buddies and finally all my readers who read whatever I share here..
Thank you!

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  1. Heartiest Congratulations…you know you have left me speechless..truly..but for you I don't think I would be blogging this way.It has been a wonderful experience to be associated with you and other buddies.I Trust me it is a bond which has changed my life and I am actually touched reading this post.
    my sincere thanks to you and your family, i feel I know all of them so well.
    Kudos to all BM members..keep rocking .!!
    love hugs and wishes always….

  2. No words can describe some feelings :), I guess it's one of those for me at least! It's been a pleasure being in BM, and It's a bond I cherish… Congrats on completing a huge milestone and wishing that there will be many more to come!!

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