B for Besan Ka Cheela

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After the superb excitement of starting the BM# 32 ABC Cooking with A, we had so much fun checking out all the Dishes with A. I must confess I would never have guessed any of those dishes prepared! All of them did such a wonderful job and surpassed my expectation. Kudos to the entire group! I am so proud of them.

Now coming to the second letter B, I didn’t go very far to check out what I wanted to make. Since the time I had dosa mela, I have been wanting to make Besan Ka Cheela. Though I have tried many a times to make them, I always never came around. Especially after knowing that these are instant types, I wanted to make them so much. I am sucker for all things instant at times. It mostly depends and comes handy when I have to cook just for me. When I am really so tired cooking the non veg, at times I would be left with no enegry or no inspiration to think of something for myself. So times like those, really calls for dishes that are quick to make, yet very tasty!

When I decided to check on the background of this recipe, it’s said to be belonging both to Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. Now these two cuisines have so many common dishes that for a person outside the state, it’s highly impossible to figure it out. So I will simply say that it’s part of North Indian Cuisine

It was typically one of those days, when I had finished my cooking and
wondering what I should make for myself and Amma as well, since we both
were the vegetarians. I immediately remembered that I could very easily
make this and cover up my B. Imagine that!

So I got down getting
things ready for this. Besan cheela is a very quick savory pancake made
with chickpea flour and spices. since my hands were busy and couldn’t
afford to really keep washing and more over I was keen on capturing how
this has to be spread, I quickly called in Konda to help with clicking
the step by step pictures. It smelled so delicious, just like bajjis,
that Konda said I ought to make bajjis for her right away and not this
dosa. I told her that she will get her bajjis/Pakodas later, these
cheelas have to be made.

I made with just 1 cup of flour and got
just about 2 thick cheelas. I quickly packed one for Amma, whose
verdict I got to hear much later amidst our long discussions. She
suddenly remembered and asked hey what was that you made for dinner, it
was so good. so I again got into telling her about it and agreeing that
it was something we will surely be making it again soon.

So here is B for Besan Ka Cheela, another regional dish

Besan Ka Cheela

Ingredients Needed

Besan / Chickpea flour – 1 cup
Water – 1 cup or as much as required to get a dropping consistency.
Salt to taste (app little less than a tsp)
Onion, sliced – 1 small
Chilli powder – 1/2 tsp
Ajwain – 1/2 tsp
Green chilli, finely chopped – 1 long
Coriander leaves 1/2 cup

4 tsp oil for frying the chelas

How to prepare Besan Cheelas

In a bowl, except oil, take all the ingredients and mix to a thick pouring consistency, adding the water a little at a time.

Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Grease a tawa with oil and heat.

Simmer the flame to medium, pour the batter in a circular style and immediately spread to form a circle as dosa.

Sprinkle oil around and lower the heat and let cook till the edges brown a little and can be lifted easily.

Flip it over to cook slightly on the other side and before serving it hot with pickle.


If the tawa is very hot, it might be little difficult to spread it quickly, so make sure the heat is medium.

Also best method to make the dosa will be as circles and spreading it, rather than as the regular dosa.

Apart from pickle, I am sure coconut chutney would be great as a side dish.

Logo courtesy : Preeti

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B for Besan Ka Cheela
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Course Breakfast
Cuisine Rajasthan
Dish Type Dosa Varieties
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Rajasthan
Dish Type Dosa Varieties
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  1. Cheelas are actually Rajasthani..Gujratis make these but in a different style..Sindh's also make these and is quite a favorite among us.Quick, and delicious meal..we sometimes serve these with bread or chapati.

  2. call them western indian recipe…north is further up…and i think every state around the western belt makes this with some modifications here and there…they are the saviours for me whenever we run out of good veggie options, they taste good in chapati rolls

  3. I remember the first time I had cheelas. They were topped with fine diced paneer and tasted awesome. These look so inviting and simple to make. Been on my to-do for so long. I better give these a shot soon!

  4. The recipe is very close to the vegetable omelette I made for last month's meatless dishes (but didnt get around posting it).It tasted great and I am with Konda on the bajji aroma :). I kept feeling that I should have bajjis after making those omelettes :)….Anyway..the cheela looks wonderful and now you have a reliable vegetarian option to fall back on!!

  5. Lovely pics Valli I have been wanting to make these for a long long time. Maybe these pics are my incentive. By the way do you remember the round circle that we kept under pots? The rings. maybe that can be used to make these circles. just a thought.

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