Chocolate Nut Bark | Roasted Almond, Raisin, Chips Chocolate Bars

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When a holiday makes its appearance in the middle of a week, there is always a chance to get off track. And that happened to me. These days, whatever might be the cause of the holiday, more than the cause, the feeling that it is a holiday becomes more important. It’s been long since I have actually observed the importance of any of the national holidays, other than the fact that I get to stay at home. 
Before I could even plan for my holiday, I had other commitments being thrown in. My friend invited us for his twin’s birthday pooja and I couldn’t miss out the occasion. We finally reached his home close to noon and spent some time there. The highlight being that Chinnu ended up crying as he was not able to play with the babies. We tried out best to cheer him up, but he continued to bawl all the way home. The day simply flew and I just managed to cook two dishes, instead of the highly ambitious four that I had in mind. Plus the fact that we decided to watch Chennai Express on TV. I had wanted to watch this in theaters. Somehow hubby dear convinced me otherwise, saying we will wait for it to be aired on TV. I was glad he said that. 

It was pretty late when I finally sat to work and I happily forgot that the next BM starts the next day. I was happy that I had made this couple of days back. The school reopened for the kids, so it’s back to the grind now. The last 10 days have been such carefree days for us all.
Coming to the theme I have taken up for this month’s BM Edition 33, one would think it must be easy. Well even I thought so too, only when I actually sat down to think what I could do, I was stumped. Nothing came to mind and finally save some better moments, this dish came into picture and I rushed to make these right away. In fact I pushed in into freezer and completely forgot to click pictures before leaving for work. I almost thought kids would have seen it and then end of the story. I was happy to note that my kids were such sweethearts and my bar was still there to be clicked. 
They were so thrilled seeing it, but had a sullen look when they saw all the nuts and fruits. However there is nothing a chocolate can’t do right. So finally their love of chocolate won over their aversion to the rest. And within minutes there was nothing left for me to wonder as well!
These chunky chocolate bars, join the table for the Kid’s Delight party!

For making this bark, I just about used what was left with me. Which meant using up all my milk compound.

Chocolate Nut Bark

Ingredients Needed:

Milk chocolate – 1/2 cup
Dark chocolate – 1/2 cup
Chocolate chips – 1/2 cup
Vanilla chocolate chip – 1/2 cup
Almonds – 1/2 cups
Raisins – 2 tbsp
Mix of the above chocolate chips – 2 tbsp for topping.

How to make the chocolate barks

To roast the almonds

In a mw safe vessel, take the chopped almonds and mw for a minute. Let it rest and again mw for a minute. let it rest for some more time. The almonds become very crispy.

For the chocolate tempering, chop and take all the chocolate together in a mw safe vessel. MW for a minute, and stir well and again do for a minute. Not more than a minute as chocolate might get burnt.

When you find that chocolate has all melted, remove and whisk well to temper. As you continue doing it, you will find the gloss appearing on the top.

At this stage add the roasted almond, raisin, chocolate chips, saving handful of each for the final garnish.

Mix everything together and transfer to a tray coated with butter paper. Garnish with the saved up topping on top. Freeze for couple of hours.

Break and enjoy!

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Chocolate Nut Bark | Roasted Almond, Raisin, Chips Chocolate Bars
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  1. I wish we get mid week holidays here in the US, every holiday is 'observed' over a long weekend that seems to fly by.
    That chocolate bark is toooooo tempting even for adults. All those nuts and fruits — so yumm!!

  2. Every day-holiday or not, is the same for me – running behind the lil one who never seems to have the mind to sit still for a while!
    And this is one yum recipe and I am sure the kids and adults will love this equally!

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