Welcome to “Around the world in 30 days” Int’l ABC Cooking ~ Mega Marathon BM#44

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We are here to welcome you all to yet another crazy journey. We, the Blogging Marathon group seem to embark once too often! This time “Around the world in 30 Days
After the stupendous success of a Journey through the Indian States, a 30 day affair we had doing an Indian Food Odyssey, we decided to do another, this time on an International front.
September 2014 seem to so conveniently suited to our needs, it has 26 days excluding Sundays and we decided we would do another ABC Theme. This time based on the countries. We finalized what we are going to do for X and W, which seem to be hard, then left the choice to the members to decide on the country for each English Alphabet. For all the chatterboxes we are, we do keep secrets very well. We ensured we tease our friends with leads, tidbits, but not reveal the country chosen until the actual publishing day.
Inspite of the many thousand messages shared among us, through emails, whatsapp, phone calls, we still do not know what the other is doing. Life is so dull if not for these small thrills right!
For all the elaborate meals I did for the Indian States, I decided to keep it very simple. When adversaries are thrown at you, you need an anchor to stay afloat. My blogs have been that and my BM friends have been the icing. Cooking has always been therapeutic and planning a great distractor. 
Unlike my previous mega marathons, this time I have been least prepared, starting very late and planning only simple ones, especially ones that my kids would like. So other than exploring and reading different cuisines and finding a common ground, I haven’t extended myself much.
As I felt while doing Indian States, globally we all meet at various levels. So many cuisines have so much similarities. Each giving its own characteristic trait, yet being distinct.
Though I have just crossed half way through the journey as of now, I have felt so close to many other cuisines. I had enjoyed cooking each of them. Especially feeding my kids. Konda has been my sole support . While I was treating my colleagues during the Indian States, Konda carries it for her friends this time. Since it was mostly kid friendly, the small serving we elders had, were very much enjoyed!
I stop my chatter here, and ask you all to pack and join us for a journey around the world in 30 days!

I have about 25 bloggers joining me this round, you can enjoy their creations from the Linky tool links.

Recap of the BM# 44 International ABC Cooking

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  1. Loved reading your intro and looking forward to the mega one Valli. I'm nervous like a school kid waiting to see the exam paper and I'm very sure we will all pass this too with flying colors.

  2. Thanks for the interest Rajmi However the sign up is closed for edition. Lot of discussion has gone into this. And it will be impossible to explain all of the rules just the day before the start.

    Do watch out for the next Mega Marathon, which will happen in April 2015. You should be able to catch up by then. Thanks for understanding

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