Kid’s Delight Potluck Party for Blog Anniversary!

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Just as I was passing by the busy moments in the rush morning hours, knowing it will be so chill after the heavy rains last night, I was thinking how I miss not feeling the cool breeze hitting me, as I stay enclosed in the car. Many a times, I feel we are left like that. So enclosed and into what we do, we simply forget life at large! Sometimes I feel so disconnected with the rest, happily engrossed in my family, work and my blogs.
I make a point to read the newspaper first thing in the morning, just to make sure I glance through the happenings, to make sure I am not sailing in my own dreams. However I have missed reading it for couple of weeks now. Things have been hectic beyond understanding, not a moment left to pause, to ponder and to enjoy the present.
This thought again made me realize that I have yet again forgotten to remember the blog’s birthday. I have forgotten Cooking 4 All Seasons‘s Anniversary in April and this one too, though I remember that I am hosting the customary Kid’s Delight Anniversary Party.
Well Spice your Life! completes six years. What started as an effort to focus on things I was missing out, has become my main focus. My last year’s post was so full of memories, of the wonderful friends I have. Just as I have been touched by the experience this space has given me, I hope you have been too and enjoyed coming here.
We have newer members in the BM group, we have become even more closer because of Whatsapp. We chatter non stop through the night. And its been a fun ride all along.
Both my blogs are extension of myself, my life and the passion we as a family share with food. Can you imagine, the conversation that mostly happens revolves around the food that we eat, we cook! Konda tells me that her friends also look forward to see what I pack for her daily. She says I have a line of fans for the food I cook. That made me so happy. There is no greater joy than these heartfelt compliments from kids.
So as an anniversary celebration, I always host Kid’s Delight, an event for the kids. The event showcases Kids approved dishes. For the anniversary party, I mostly make an entire menu during this month.
I invite you all to join me in this celebration.
Guidelines for the event:
From now until Oct 15th, you are welcome to join me for the celebration with a party for the kids. Entries can be anything that a kid would love to eat in a party.
The entries have to be Vegetarian. (Eggs are allowed only in baked dishes)
Multiple entries are accepted.
I am not accepting entries from archive as I want us to think new ideas..:) 
Finally link back to the event’s Announcement page or this page. If you can use the logo, it will be great.
The entries can be linked up in the Linky tool below this post.
Last date for submission to the Kid’s Delight Anniversary party is Oct 15th 2014

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