Announcing Kid’s Delight ~ Nuts & Legumes for Lunchbox Friendly

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I seem to find myself in the position of hosting my event for the next month as well. So let me make the best of the situation and ask you all to break your heads and come up with very innovative Kid Friendly dishes, featuring Nuts and Legumes for a Lunchbox Friendly dish. 
Packing snacks boxes, lunch boxes for my kids on daily basis, has always been a big task. Making sure they bring back empty boxes, being happy with what’s packed, has always been my biggest wish and thought as well.
So here’s is another chance for all you creative moms to share your ideas on making a kid’s lunch box healthy with dishes featuring Nuts, legumes. 
Guidelines for the event:
From Oct 16th until Nov 15th, you are welcome to share your Kid Friendly Lunchbox dishes, showcasing nuts, legumes. It can be any course, any cuisine. It can have both or either one. 
The entries have to be Vegetarian. (Eggs are allowed only in baked dishes)
Multiple entries are accepted.
I am not accepting entries from archive as I want us to think new ideas..:) 
Finally link back to the event’s Announcement page or this page. If you can use the logo, it will be great.
The entries can be linked up in the Linky tool below this post.

Last date for submission to the Kid’s Delight ~ Nuts and Legume Lunchbox Friendly is Nov 15th 2014 

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