Kid’s Delight Potluck Party for Anniversary Celebrations ~ Round up

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Here’s the round of the Kid’s Delight Potluck Party, held on account of the Blog’s Anniversary. It’s been a customary event that takes place to celebrate the birthday and I usually hold a Kid’s party, as there is nothing more interesting than planning for a party for the Kids. 
My twins celebrated their birthday this month and I borrowed some of these ideas for their day. Hoping to try out some more from this list. I have given as in a menu, surprisingly there is no Rice dish. 
I would like to thank each of you, who have taken time to send in your entries.


Spanish Hot Chocolate from me

Vietnamese Iced Coffee from me


French Milk rolls from Priya Srinivasan

Grape Poppy Bread from Mireille

Masala poori from PJ

Potato Peas Sandwich with Garlic Bread

Chilli Cheese Sandwich with Chinese style Tomato Soup from Home cook food


Strawberry Almond Muffins from Mireille

Raspberry Quinoa Muffins from Mireille

Orange muffins from Sarita


Brazilian Chocolate Truffles from Priya Srinivas

Chocolate Milk Burfi from Priya Srinivas

Mexican Fudge from me


Bread Pakoda from Harini

Mini taco salad cups from Mayuri

Eggplant mini pizza from Mayuri

Chakri from Mayuri

Sugar-Coated Almonds from me

Fairy Bread from Suma

Meal on their own

Carrot Tomato Sevai from PJ

Russian Buttermilk Pancakes from me

Pesto Rolls from Srividhya

Baked Mac n Cheese from Srividhya

Curries – Side Dishes for Rotis, Naans and Rice

Paneer Lababdar from PJ

and from me the below

Restaurant Style Kadai Vegetable

Paneer Curry

Mattar Paneer


Date-Almond Nuggets from Harini

Apple dessert pizza from Mayuri

Peanut ladoos from Mayuri

Ghee kera from Mayuri

Halawet Ahmad from me

Persian Halvah from me

Qatari Sticky Custard Balls from me

Semolina Halva from me

Dark Chocolate Nutella Mousse from me

Pomegranate Ice Cream from me

Cheese Stuffed Dates from Suma

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks with Sprinkles from Suma

Rose Kulfi from Srividhya

Peanut Butter Parfait from Home cook food

Instant Chocolate Pie from Home cook food

Paneer and Gulkand Kheer and Kulfi from Home cook food

Hope you enjoyed!

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