Blogging Marathon # 91 – 3 Day Marathon for 4 weeks!


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This is an announcement for the August 2018, the regular Blogging Marathon that happens every month.


Do you want to join the Blogging Marathon Group? Read the FAQs

Can I join the Blogging Marathon Group
Yes, if you have been blogging for at least the last 6 months.

Do you have different Blogging Marathon types?
Yes, we have a regular BM, which is 4 weeks of 3 consecutive days each

2 Mega BMs during April and Sep, running for 30 days nonstop.

When is the Regular BM signup announcement made?
On 1st of each month for the upcoming month.

How many weeks should I do the minimum?
Mandatory 2 weeks for all participants.

What is the entry for BM?
The entry is by Sign ups. Once the announcement is made, the blogger must email me with their theme choice.

How many bloggers per theme?
Each theme will have only 4 bloggers, on first come first basis.

Ok, I join in, what I am supposed to do with the posts?
You should tag/label your posts with “Blogging Marathon”
Insert the code that will be given to you.

What else is expected to be part of this group?
The weeks you are doing BM, you will have read your fellow participating blogger’s post and leave a meaningful comment. One word or One liner comments are not accepted.

I have joined the group, how long will my subscription valid?
BM subscription is only for a month. If you are not doing every month, you will be unsubscribed from the group.

I have picked up the themes, what to do next?
Cook, click and post on your blog on the BM dates. However, your recipes should follow the theme conditions, please read the fine lines. Each theme will come with its clauses. No theme is straightforward unless it is straightforward!


Before going into the new themes, here are the links to some of the BM related pages.

From 2017 BM details can be found on the Blogging Marathon Page.

If you want to check out older BM details, check the BM Archives

If you are new and want to join us, check out the BM Guidelines and Rules

Since we have a month to prepare, please avoid doing last minute posting, prepare ahead and schedule, which should give you enough time to read the fellow participating blogger’s post in leisure.

For details on BM held every month, check out the Blogging Marathon page.

If you want to know how the Blogging Marathon started, read the first edition

So the dates will be:

3, 4, 5 Aug
10, 11, 12 Aug
17, 18, 19 Aug
24, 25, 26 Aug

If you want to sign up, please email me at latest by 08th July along with your themes.

FYI: Requests to join after 08th July will not be accepted.

Mandatory rules for this Blogging Marathon are as below:

  • Should take up 2 weeks of BM without fail. It can be any two weeks.
  • Will have to post on all 3 days with 2 weeks without fail
  • You cannot take the same themes, except for the different Kid’s Delight theme.
  • Should follow the accepted theme all 3 days, meaning if you choose one topic like Rice, you should post all rice based recipes all 3 days.
  • Should link to the Blogging Marathon page.
  • Is expected to actively give feedback on others post.
  • Mandatory reading and commenting on the fellow participating member

Each theme can be selected by four bloggers on first come first basis.

Other rules will be mailed to the individuals.

Themes for BM#91 will be the following:

Kid’s Delight theme ensures my Kid’s Delight event, guest hosted by other bloggers gets good entries. Since the event is 16th – 15th every month, we have two different themes happening for BM in a month. And you have the choice of doing two different themes.

Kid’s Delight – Movie Time Munchies (3,4,5 and 10,11,12)
Kid’s Delight – Baked Treats (17,18,19 and 24,25,26)

Please note all entries for Kid’s Delight theme have to be kid approved. The dish can be either approved by your own kid, your young relatives, neighbors or even something that you enjoyed as a kid. Do remember to mention the age group of the kid, so that it becomes easy for others.

Kid’s Delight – Movie Time Munchies (3,4,5 and 10,11,12)

The 1st and 2nd weeks of Aug will be hosted by Ritu themed on Movie Time Munchies.  She will be announcing the event on her blog on the 15th of July.

Kid’s Delight – Baked Treats (17,18,19 and 24,25,26)

The 3rd and 4th week of Aug will be hosted by Sowmya themed on Baked Treats. She will be announcing the event on her blog on the 15th of August.

No Cook Dessert

As the theme says, prepare any dessert, it can be from any cuisine but with no cooking on the stovetop or any other cooking method involved. Boiled milk is allowed. Maybe max 2 mins of Microwave cooking is allowed.

Mini Thali

This can be a simple Lunch Mini Thalis where you can have 1 Dal, 1 Sabzi, Dahi Roti Rice etc (this will change according to the cuisine you share, for a south Indian thali, roti need not be part of it).

The idea is to have a balanced meal with just handful of dishes and not an elaborate thali. This has to feature lunch dishes only and all the dishes should be clicked on a plate or with dishes on the side. You can have dishes from Archive and only one dish to be shared for the day. So essentially you will have to share 3 mini thalis.

Of course, the thalis need not be a traditional cuisine. It can be a mix of your own choice.

Make them as Pizza

Here you have the liberty to actually share some pizzas or create other dishes having the pizza components included. Example like a Dosa pizza or Paratha Pizza etc. So if you are making with other bases, the dish needs to have pizza sauce, cheese, other toppings etc.

Breakfast staple with different grains

Showcase different breakfast dishes with different grains. Simple or elaborate, the grain used is your star. The grains used can be in any form. No bar on cuisine.

Pick one Festival and cook 3 dishes

Pick out a festival that’s coming up during August or Sep, and cook 3 dishes made especially for the occasion. While we may end up making Kheer/Payasam for all festivals, I would prefer you dig into deep and identify special dishes.

Explore the French

Êtes-vous prêt à cuisiner? Ok, I got that from google, so pardon if it’s not exactly what I mean to ask! My years in school learning French went down the drain obviously! So here I am with the challenge to cook from the French cuisine!

Special Theme:

We have two themes for the 4th week. Please read the rules carefully.

Redo Old Posts 

Do mandatory 2 weeks regular BM and you can do the 4th week with Redo your older posts theme. Please note, you will have to 2 mandatory BM themes to pick this up.

Regular Bookmarked

This the regular Bookmarks Theme.

You can either do bookmarks from your regular Bookmarks.

So do 3 weeks, pick up this 4th fourth of your own choice. It can be anything you bookmarked or your own.


Please spread the details if you want your friends to be part of this marathon.
Let’s gear up for another nonstop blogging!

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