Celebrating 10 Years with Kid’s Delight Party!

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Here’s the Kids Delight Anniversary party I host every year to celebrate my Spice your Life! site’s Anniversary. It’s 10 years since I started this blog to document about Parenting, Indian Diabetes, Kid Approved Recipes along with Vegetarian Recipes. If not for this event, I would have surely forgotten as I forget Cooking 4 all Seasons anniversary every year.

When I started blogging my twins were 7 months old and with a primary going elder kid, I wanted ideas for packing lunch, snacks and generally an idea of what other kids like. So the theme has always been a Kids party for the Kid’s Delight Event.

Blogging has been such a fun ride, with usual ups and downs through the year. Through the years, its seen me gain so many friends with like minded thoughts. This event has surely made the bond more. So it surely calls for a celebration!

The Anniversary celebration is always hosted on my blog to celebrate both the event and the blog birthdays. For the anniversary party, I mostly make an entire menu for this month. I invite you all to join me in this celebration.

Guidelines for the event:

From now until Oct 15th, you are welcome to join me for the celebration with a party for the kids. Entries can be anything that a kid would love to eat at a party.
The entries have to be Vegetarian. (Eggs are allowed only in baked dishes)
Multiple entries are accepted.
I am not accepting entries from the archive as I want us to think new ideas..:)
Finally link back to the event’s Announcement page or this page. If you can use the logo, it will be great.
Email me your entries with pictures to spicingyourlife@gmail.com
The entries can be linked up to the Linky tool below this post.
Kids Delight Anniversary
The last date for submission to the Kid’s Delight Anniversary party is Oct 15th, 2018

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