African Cuisines

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Ghana (1)
Ivory Coast (1)
Moroccan (4)
Somalia (3)
Tunisian (1)
Zambian (4)
Qamdi ~ Fried Bread from Somalia
Qamdi ~ Fried Bread from Somalia
Fataa’ir Farmaajo Somalia
Fataa’ir Farmaajo | Cheese Fatayer from Somalia
Onion Msemen | Moroccan Stuffed Onion Flatbread
Moroccan Msemen | Square Shaped Moroccan Pancakes
Moroccan Honey and Butter Syrup
How to make Rghaif | Moroccan Pastry Dough
Harissa | Tunisian Chili Sauce
Zambian Beans with Tomatoes, Onions and Green Bell Pepper ~ Z for Zambia
Zambian Tomato and Peanut Relish ~ Z for Zambia
Zambian Peri Peri ~ Z for Zambia
Zambian Chapati | Zambian Meal ~ Z for Zambia
West African Hot Chocolate ~ G for Ghana
Talétalé ou beignets banane | Banana Fritters ~ C for Côte d'Ivoire
X for Xalwa from Somalia | Corn Flour Halwa