“A to Z Flatbreads and More” all of this Sep ~ Mega Marathon BM#92

BM Sep 2018

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This is an announcement for the next Mega Blogging Marathon that will happen during September 2018. It’s going to be all about Flatbreads and kind.

If you are landing here for the first time, just to update you, we are a group of Food Bloggers doing a Blogging Marathon every month for 4 weeks doing 3 days each month. However, during April and September, we do 26 days of nonstop blogging, with Sundays off.

We have been doing the Mega Blogging Marathon since April 2013, with the below themes:

April 2013 was weekly themes.
September 2013 was ABC Cooking
April 2014 was Indian Food Odyssey
September 2014 was Around the world in 30 days
April 2015 was Fire up our Ovens
September 2015 was a Buffet On Table
April 2016 was a Journey through the Cuisines
September 2016 was Cooking Carnival!
April 2017 was AtoZ Baking around the World
September 2017 was Protein Rich Dishes (My choice was AtoZ Bengali Sweets)
April 2017 was Explore the Flavours – A to Z International Streetfood on SYL
April 2017 was Explore the Flavours – A to Z International Flatbreads on C4AS
BM Sep 2018

I did Mega BM on both my sites and in fact, it was International Flatbread on C4AS. When I had planned on it, I didn’t know we will end up doing Indian Flatbreads.

When I discussed it with the group, suggestions came in to have International Flatbreads as well. Since I was already doing it, I thought I might as well bring in a couple of more options.

Mandatory is the A to Z English Alphabetical Order. There is no restriction in repeating Country, State.

So below are the 3 choices to pick from, you can do one following the clauses specified. All the three has to be in A to Z English Alphabetically Order.

1 – A to Z Indian Flatbread (excluding Dosas, crepes, pancakes)
This can include our patted Rotis like Akki Rotti or similar ones.


2 – A to Z International Flatbreads (can include 1 Indian flatbread)


3 – A to Z Indian Bread (includes Dosas, Crepes, Pancakes)
This is basically batter bread
This can’t feature rottis that are basically patted down like akki rotti or similar rottis.
This subtheme can only feature Indian dishes, I have mentioned crepes as some states have batter flatbreads called differently and not as Dosas.


The Flatbread can be cooked on stovetop, tandoor, or even baked.

Indian Flatbreads need to be clicked with some side dish in the picture. Meaning the picture can’t have just the flatbread alone unless until it is eaten like. This is not applicable for International Flatbreads.

With Indian Dishes, the dish has to start with Indian language, you can repeat states, no restriction on that.

For International Flatbreads, you can repeat countries

English alternate for the ingredient can be used max 3 times
For example, if the flatbread is Palak Paratha, if you want to use it for S, it can be Spinach Paratha.

Adjectives can be used max 3 times.

English words of the title can’t be used more than once.

While sticking to traditional dishes are interesting, you can create your own version in an accepted fashion.

City Names have to be restricted to 3 times.


Do not use City names just to meet the Clause, it can be used if the dish is known that way.

Spread the news and come join us for the fun!

The last date for signing up for this BM is 21st June. Send in your signup request to spicingyourlife@gmail.com

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