Buffet On Table all this September ~ Mega Marathon BM#56

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Its again that time of the year when we think of the second Mega Marathon of the year happens. While we had this discussion happening among the group, I thought it was high time I announce it, so that any new blogger wanting to join us, can join!
Apart from the regular 3 days 4 weeks Blogging Marathon we have every month, we also have 2 Mega Blogging Marathon happing through the month all of April and September.
We started with A-Z Cooking, followed by a Food Odyssy
Then we thought we will take a tour and went around the world in 30 days, finally settling down at home to Fire up our Ovens all this April
So this September, we decided to have a Buffet on Table!
September Mega BM is going to be for 26 days, with Sundays off. This Mega BM comes with a sub theme for each week.
All the participating bloggers will be doing the same theme for each week.
Themes for the Buffet on Table
Week 1 (Sep 1 – 5): Combos from Countries 
This theme can include dishes that are mostly served as a pair. For example: Fish and Chips, Burger and Chips), Pulao & Raitha etc. 
Can be any country.
Within this theme, there can not be a repeat country, can have 1 from India. 
Both the dishes should be featured in the same picture frame. 
Writing both the recipes in the same post or separate is left to your choice. Would prefer if both the dishes are new and not already featured in your blog. 
Week 2 (Sep 7 – 12) Indian States
Can feature any speciality dish from any Indian State. Can be a thali, or a regional special dish.
Week 3 (Sep 14 – 19) Condiment from Countries 
Condiments are to be the main recipes, so check out what all falls under a condiment. Either you can feature just the condiment or a dish prepared with it as well. Again no repeat countries within this week, can have 1 from India
Week 4 (Sep 21 – 26) Breakfasts across countries 
Any dish that’s served for breakfast in your chosen country.  It can be of any category, as long as its served as a breakfast. Again no repeat countries within this week, can have 1 from India
Week 5 (Sep 28 – 30) Blogger’s choice 
This is a miscellaneous theme. It can feature Travel food, general about food or any specific category again left to the blogger’s choice.
Since September 2015 starts on a Tuesday, this is the number of posts under each theme
Combos from Countries – 5
Indian States – 6
Condiment from Countries – 6
Breakfasts across countries – 6
Blogger’s choice – 3 
No Repeat of Countries within the week
1 Post can be Indian in Combos from Countries, Condiments from countries, Breakfasts across Countries
In combos, both the dishes should be pictured together
For a single day, there can only be 4 posts. 

Spread the news and come join us in the fun!

Last date of signing up for this BM is 25th July and send in your signup request to spicingyourlife@blogspot.com

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