Roti Noodles ~ Easy Evening Snack

Roti Noodles

Roti Noodles is a wonderful way to get kids to eat rotis and to use up leftover rotis in a better way. Cook these roti noodles in Indo Chinese style and kids will love it I decided to make some fusion dishes for Day 3 of Thalis & Platters, where for week 1, I am […]

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Mumbai Masala Aloo Cheese Sandwich

Mumbai Masala Aloo Sandwich

Mumbai Masala Aloo Cheese Sandwich is popular street food from the city of Mumbai. Special Sandwich Masala is sprinkled over these sandwiches that makes it more delicious. When I decided to make a Sandwich platter, I decided to go with what Vaishali had shared a while ago for one of the BMs. I made the […]

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Burger Pizza | How to make Burger Pizza

Burger Pizza

Burgers and Pizzas are interesting ones to enjoy in a pajama party exchanging stories with your friends. Do you have kids that love burgers and Pizzas? Well, this is a fusion between the two. These burger pizzas are quick to assemble as I have used storebought burger buns. I have a limited choice of vegetables […]

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Uppu Huli Dosa ~ AtoZ Indian Breakfast Dishes

Uppu Huli Dosa - Spicy Dosa - Udupi Recipe

Uppu Huli Dosa is a Spicy Dosa from the cuisine of Udupi. Whole spices are ground along with rice to make the batter. The dosa turns out to be spicy that you can serve it with just ghee or coconut chutney. The best part is that this batter doesn’t require fermentation at all. If you […]

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Takatle Pole ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Takatle Pole - Konkani Style Buttermilk Dosa

Takatle Pole is a buttermilk dosa from the Konkani Cuisine. This is Buttermilk Dosa is soft and delicious. The dosa comes out spongy and soft. Surnali is another version of Konkani Dosa made with poha, rice with poha, grated coconut, buttermilk, and jaggery. So it was interesting to make another version of Dosa. I saw […]

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Seyal Pav ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Seyal Pav

Seyal Pav is a delicious and easy breakfast dish made with a day’s old pav bun in an onion tomato gravy. This is a popular Sindhi Breakfast that works out best with leftover pav and for a quick dish. Just as we have Bread Upma, where the bread slices are tossed in onion and tomato […]

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Rava Paniyaram ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Rava Paniyaram

Rava Paniyaram is an instant breakfast dish you can make with Rava or Sooji in the Paniyaram Pan. This instant rave appe is very easy to make and is versatile. This only takes about 10 minutes to get prepared and another 10 mins to cook. Serve this with coconut chutney for a delicious combination. This […]

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Quinoa Mysore Masala Dosa ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Quinoa Mysore Masala Dosa

Quinoa Mysore Masala Dosa is a no rice savory crepe made with a mix of quinoa and lentils. Quinoa dosa is smeared with a thin layer of red chutney and stuffed with potato masala. This No Rice Mysore Masala Dosa with Quinoa is similar to the Mysore Masala Dosa except the batter is ground with […]

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Pallem Obbattu ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Pallem Obbattu

Pallem Obbattu is a spicy aloo poli made with potato masala stuffed in maida. This can be served for a delicious breakfast or evening snack. Pallem Obbattu is a typical breakfast prepared in different parts of south India and called by different names like Alu Poli, Palyada Holige, Kaaram Bobbatlu, Kharada Holige. Typically I have […]

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Paneer Pav Bhaji Sandwich

Paneer Pav Bhaji Sandwich

Paneer Pav Bhaji Sandwich is a delicious breakfast dish for kids as they love paneer stuffed in crispy bread slices. These paneer pav bhaji sandwich are cooked with pav bhaji masala along with sandwich masala and is so delicious that you can’t stop with just one! The bread is toasted crispy with butter and toasted […]

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