Microwave Rømmegrøt ~ Norwegian Pudding

Microwave Rommegrot

Rømmegrøt, also known as rømmegraut, is a Norwegian porridge made with sour cream, milk, flour, butter, and salt with butter and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. Traditionally, rømmegrøt is a delicacy prepared for special occasions. Since Rømmegrøt is thick and sweet, it is served in small portions. Since I was only making one serving, I […]

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Caramelized Potatoes ~ How to make Karamelliseret Kartofler

Danish Karamelliseret Kartofler

Caramelized Potatoes, a typical Danish Christmas classic, is a wonderful twist to the regular potato wedges made by cooking potato wedges in caramelized sugar and butter sauce. The salty sweet wedges with the caramel taste so heavenly. This week, its all about Scandinavian Cuisines, where the focus is on Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I have […]

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Dark Chocolate Truffle with Dulce de Leche

Dark Chocolate Truffle with Dulce de leche

Dark Chocolate Truffle with Dulce de Leche is a sinful chocolate treat you can make with just 2 ingredients. I had this planned for 3 Ingredients by also including Nutella in the stuffing. When I came across the 3 Ingredient Oreo Fudge, I decided to make it and also keep this recipe very simple. I […]

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Dark and White Chocolate Fudge with Sprinkles

Dark and White Chocolate Fudge with Sprinkles

Dark and White Chocolate Fudge with Sprinkles is quick and easy snack you can get done within minutes. The dark chocolate with the white chocolate swirls makes it look so appealing! While I was planning some cupcakes, this is what I ended up making the short time I had on hand. Weekends become hectic with […]

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Microwave Double Chocolate Mug Cake

Double Chocolate Mug Cake

Microwave Double Chocolate Mug Cake is a quick and sinful dish you can make in the morning rush hours for your Kids breakfast. You can indulge them with this easy mug cake and Dark Chocolate is good for health! While pondering on what to make for Kids breakfast that is not only quick and easy […]

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Quick Bunny Chow | How to make Chana Cheese Buns

Quick Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow is a South African fast food dish mostly popularly sold on the streets that have a hollowed loaf of bread filled with curry. My take on this dish with components that I already had ready. I had chana masala and buns are mostly stocked on regular basis. When I wanted to make something […]

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Parotta Paneer Pizza Rollup

Parotta Pizza Rollup

Parotta Paneer Pizza Rollup is as fusion as you can get! We make Paneer Butter Masala at least once a week. The kids never get bored, while the Adults refuse to have it so frequently. So we alter it and make it compulsory at least once or twice a month for the Adults. While my […]

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2 Minutes Microwave Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake

2 Minutes Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake

2 Minutes Pumpkin Chocolate Mug Cake with Microwave mode is an easy to make a chocolate dessert using pumpkin puree and you won’t find pumpkin taste at all I find at times that I really spend a lot of time thinking about recipes that are not possible in my kitchen. Meaning baking a 6 inch […]

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Chocolate Apple Pops ~ Cooking without Fire

Chocolate Apple Pops

Chocolate Apple Pops are really the easiest you can make. All you need is an apple, melted chocolate, some sprinkles and some caramel sauce. All that is always stocked in my fridge and I just had to take it out and assemble. This is a snack you can put together in short 5 minutes and […]

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Chocolate Pom Poms ~ 2 Ingredient Dessert

Chocolate Pom Poms

Chocolate Pom Poms are the easiest dessert you can come up with when you are either short of time or even worse short of ideas! If you had noticed, I haven’t been able to do the first week of this month’s BM. I just have too many things on hand to handle and naturally, blogging […]

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