Hua Juan Bao ~ Chinese Steamed Flower Buns

Hua Juan Bao

Hua Juan Bao is Chinese Steamed Flower Buns stuffed with Sesame and Spring Onions. These are shaped and steamed and make a fantastic meal anytime. This is supposed to be a popular street food. These are bought on the street as either breakfast or a snack. These buns are fragrant with ginger or garlic with […]

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Xiaodianxin from China | Chinese Almond Cookies

Xiaodianxin means cookies in Chinese and for their Lunar New Year, they make these almond cookies to bring good luck. I seem to have baked quite a few new year related bakes, hoping to bring in loads of luck. These Almond cookies can be prepared with either Almond meal or Almond flour. Almond flour is […]

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Peanut Cookies | Hua Sheng Bing from China

These Peanut Cookies are from China and are called as Hua Sheng Bing. I know these would have made a great choice for H, however, I was happy I made those hot cross buns. For P I had the Pulla sweet bread bookmarked. However, as I had said, this week is sort of hectic and […]

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