Rustico | How to make Rustico Leccese

Rustico Leccese

Rustico is an Italian snack made with rough puff pastry and a variety of stuffing. The most common stuffing is tomato and mozzarella. However, depending on which region this snack is from, the stuffing can also change. The main feature of Rustico is the way it is assembled. These pastries are made with two discs […]

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Arancini | How to make Arancini di Riso

Arancini - An Italian Street Food

Arancini are the famous Italian Rice balls stuffed with Mozzarella. These are a common street food in Sicily. Although these are popular as street food, these make a wonderful appetizer or finger food. These deep fried balls are crusty and crunch on the outside and soft with cheese oozing out on the outside. I googled […]

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Cheeses Pizza | How to make Cheese Pizza

Cheeses Pizza

Cheeses Pizza is a popular street food similar to the classic Roman past dish cacio e pepe, pasta served with only cheese and black pepper. I made a little change and added Red chili flakes as well. When I was reading the about a cheese pizza that is very addictive, I thought why not […]

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How to make Mango Granita

Mango Granita

Mango Granita is the next one on the Frozen Desserts for Kids. I made this couple of days before, yet just couldn’t get to click pictures. After a hurried click, I gave this to the kids and they enjoyed it saying it tastes so much like the ones we get in shops in popsicles. I made […]

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Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies from Italy

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies from Italy is my chosen dish for N. My initial choice was Neujahrspretzel which is a baked huge pretzel. I didn’t want to be so predictable by picking something with Nutella, however, after so many bakes both as cakes and bread, I realized that my boys were not touching it even […]

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Cheese Crackers with Parmesan from Italy

Cheese Crackers with Parmesan from Italy is my next on the Bakes from the world. I love crackers and if it comes loaded with cheese, they top the list. This dish was the first one to get done. In fact, this was for another theme, I had to skip that theme and it was lying […]

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Domino’s Style White Pasta Italiano

Domino’s Style White Pasta Italiano is a creamy pasta made in white sauce. I have made similar pasta with Alfredo Sauce which is much like todays with slight variations. Domino’s Style Menu was the Day 3 Spread. I was planning on making a Thali from one of the Indian States. However, with Hubby dear travelling […]

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Creamy Corn Broccoli Fusilli

For the second day of cooking pasta for kids, I made an instant snack with Fusilli and some vegetables. With school being closed for over 10 days now, kids are so bored and being unable to cook anything different, Konda got so bugged and said she will not eat dosa or sambar for next unaccountable time.  […]

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Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce

We are starting the third week of BM#58 with pastas as the main ingredient. I will be cooking some pastas that are kid approved for my Kids Delight Event, guest hosted this month by Srividhya.  While I thought it will be a breeze making some pastas, it turned out to be the toughest, with me […]

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Pesto Recipe | How to make Basic Pesto Sauce

We are starting the BM#56, Buffet on Table, Week 3 today, which will feature condiments across countries. When you want to know what a condiment is, I simply referred all to wiki. A condiment is anything that’s added to food to impart a particular flavour or to even enhance its flavour. It can be a […]

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