Beets Idli | How to make Idli without Rice

Beets Idli

Beets Idli is a healthy and easy Idli to make and with Beetroot included, it becomes a very healthy breakfast dish. We love making idlis for breakfast or dinner and if was coming colourful as these Beets Idli, we are all for it! What’s even more interesting is when you can make an Idli without […]

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Yellow Moong Dal Idli Rava Idli ~ Instant Healthy Breakfast

Yellow Moong Dal Idli Rava Idli

Yellow Moong Dal Idli Rava Idli is as the name says made with split yellow moong dal and Idli Rava. Making instant Healthy Breakfast with Idli Rava is very easy as it only needs to be soaked for a while and requires no fermentation. While we mostly make the regular fermented Idlis for breakfast or […]

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Malligai Idli | How to make Kushboo Idli

Malligai Idli

Malligai Idli or Mallige Idli is one of the popular idli varieties that are available in hotels, these are so soft, spongy and tastes delicious. While idlis are very popular as such in the south, with both the idlis served in the hotel are equally sort out as the ones made at home, there was […]

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Masala Oats Idli ~ Instant Idlis for Diabetic

Oats Idli

Instant Masala Oats Idlis are such a convenient breakfast or dinner dish to make. This is a diabetic friendly food and you can simply make this so versatile by including other ingredients to it. These are made healthy by including grated carrots and other spices. While I have other oats based idlies likeĀ Oats Broken Wheat […]

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Masala Idli with Idli Rava, Easy Tomato Chutney

For the second day, it’s back to Idlies. These idlies are made with Rice Rava, that’s actually a rava made with rice. I had previously made a carrot coconut rice rava idli. Today’s dish can be made with fresh batter or even with batter that’s little soured. The tempering makes sure you spice up the […]

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Sajjalu Idli / Bajra Idli ~ Diabetic Diet

We are starting the second week of Blogging Marathon Edition 35. For this week I have opted to make Healthy Dishes, specific to one program. With so many Diabetes diet and related articles, it is only natural that I want to make dishes for this. Catering to diabetic diet, we end up changing our life […]

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