Instant Ragi Sevai ~ Easy Breakfast Dishes

Instant Ragi Sevai

Instant Ragi Sevai is made with store bought sevai and gets done instantly. You can just about add anything to this sevai to make it more interesting and appealing. When I was thinking about what else to make for breakfast that will also include millets, I opted to buy this ragi sevai. These hardly takes […]

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Poha | How to make Poha


Poha or Aval Upma is one of the easiest upmas you can make. This version is topped with savory mixtures and sev with raw onions that gives you a feeling of eatingĀ a chat. When I started making poha again after a period, I noticed that it had mixed reactions. Each one had a different opinion […]

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Arisi Upma | How to make Broken Rice Upma

Arisi Upma

Arisi Upma is an easy and quick dish you can make for a breakfast or any meal for that matter, with broken rice and other ingredients that typically go into an Upma. I normally make it with either homemade Rice Rava before, then I saw the ready made Rice Rava and always stock it so […]

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Thakali Rava Kichadi

Thakali Rava Kichadi is mostly a dish that’s made for breakfast. However, I make it for dinner, though. It’s always been Rava Kichadi for one of the Saturday nights. For the Tamil Nadu Hotel Style Mini Tiffin, I wanted to make a different form of Kichadi. Since the regular Kichadi has less tomato added, I […]

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Brown Rice Thengai Sevai

For the second day of cooking with whole grains, I have a typical south Indian Tiffin dish made with brown rice. Growing up, sevai always captured my fantasy, not just mine, my whole family too. Many weekends were spent trying to press down fresh rice noodles at home. Every now and then, Amma would buy […]

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Kande Pohe ~ Easy Breakfast Recipe

We are starting the third week of Blogging Marathon and I will be doing some No Oil Breakfast dishes. While I could have been very strict with the oil part, I felt it makes no sense in skipping the oil part completely. So allowed a maximum of two teaspoons for the entire cooking and the […]

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Sabudana Khichdi | Sago Khichdi

For the fourth week of Blogging Marathon, I took up 30 minutes meal, especiall having my Mela in mind. Under this theme one needs to make a complete meal with the accompaniment. It can’t be just a side dish or just a main dish, you need to make a complete meal be it for breakfast, […]

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