Sabich ~ The Ultimate Israeli Sandwich

Sabich - The Ultimate Israeli Sandwich

Sabich or Sabih is a traditional Mizrahi Jewish sandwich popular in Israel, which consists of pita bread stuffed with fried eggplant and hard-boiled eggs along with Salad and other condiments. Apart from Pita bread, Laffa bread is also popularly used. Sabich is an Israeli Sandwich made with the Laffa Bread with different fillings like fried […]

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Dürüm ~ A Turkish Wrap


Dürüm is a Turkish wrap filled typically with a doner kebab and the wrap is made from Lavash or Yufka flatbreads. Apart from the doner Keba, lot of other vegetables can also be added to make this a complete meal. While I had a couple of other dishes for D, I kept coming back to […]

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Pindi Chana Wrap | Pindi Channa Roll ~ Kid friendly Dishes

We are starting the second week of Blogging Marathon # 22. I have decided to cook with Chickpeas. The condition for this theme is, the recipe should showcase dishes that are made with Kabuli chana, Chana dal, Kali chana etc. However we can’t use Besan or Chickpea paste as in Hummus.  The recipes can fall […]

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