Elixir Sandesh | How to make Almond Pista Sandesh

Elixir Sandesh

Elixir Sandesh is my choice for the alphabet E in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. I had nothing else to fall back and the only options I had was either Easy Rad Malai or Easy Sandesh, which I wasn’t ready. It was a case of sheer desperation that I started searching again when […]

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Xiaodianxin from China | Chinese Almond Cookies

Xiaodianxin means cookies in Chinese and for their Lunar New Year, they make these almond cookies to bring good luck. I seem to have baked quite a few new year related bakes, hoping to bring in loads of luck. These Almond cookies can be prepared with either Almond meal or Almond flour. Almond flour is […]

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Ischler Cookies are from Austria

Ischler Cookies are from Austria that originally consisted of two Linzer cookies stuffed with an apricot glaze and chocolate ganache. The Hungarian version has the same but fully covered with melted chocolate. Since these cookies have chocolate ganache and covered with it, they have a sourish jam added. These are also referred as The Emperor […]

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