Moong Potato Cutlet

Moong Aloo Cutlet

Moong Potato Cutlet is a deep fried cutlet made with whole moong and potato in a spice mix. These make an excellent party dish and for evening snacks as well. Basically these cutlet freezes well and so you can make these ahead and freeze and use it when you need it. With this month being […]

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Palak Vada | Spinach Lentil Fritters

Palak Vada

Palak Vada or Spinach Lentil Fritters are made with a mixed lentil with added whole spices along with greens. These surely make a delicious evening snack. When I decided on making Vadas as the theme for this week, I had to first check with both the blogs to ensure that I haven’t blogged on these. […]

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Ponk Vada | How to make Fresh Jowar Pakora

Ponk Vada

Ponk Vada or Pakoras made with fresh tender Jowar is a delightful snack made during the winter season when it is freshly available. Ponk or fresh Jowar is perishable produce that doesn’t stay good for long. It should be cooked within a short period or can be frozen. I haven’t seen or heard about fresh […]

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Spicy Aloo Masala ~ Side dish for Pulao

Spicy Aloo Masala

This spicy Aloo Masala is made with a creamy paste of roasted onions and other masalas to make this a rich and spicy side dish to be served with mild Pulaos. When I had made the Biryani/ Pulao / Khichdi Festival, I had some mild Pulaos on the list that had to be paired with […]

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Tiranga Pulao | How to make Tricolour Rice

Tiranga Pulao

Tiranga Pulao is Indian Flag inspired Tricolour Rice made with three different flavoured rice and arranged as the Indian Flag. So for the alphabet T, I decided to make Tiranga Pulao made with Tomato Puloa, Ghee Rice and Spinach Pulao. I used fresh spinach that we have in our pot and it was so flavoursome. […]

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Shahi Khichdi | Royal Mixed Vegetable Khichdi

Shahi Khichdi

Shahi Khichdi is a rich preparation with rice, mixed lentils, and vegetables along with various roasted nuts included. This is a one pot meal even and very quick to make, even though it has a long ingredient list. I made not of this from Viji’s space where she talks about this being the North Indian […]

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Orange Pulao | How to make Orange Pulao

Orange Pulao

Orange Pulao is a delicious one pot meal made with Orange juice with spices, that’s not sweet yet tastes fruity and great as such! O was one of the tough letters to get and I was also keen on not having a sweet dish on both my lists. Okra Pulao was one choice though I […]

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Navratana Pulao | How To Make Navratan Pulav

Navaratna Pulao

Navratana Pulao is a delicious mild pulao made with different vegetables, nuts and paneer cooked in a variety of whole spices. This makes a wonderful combination to pair with a creamy gravy. Navratan means nine and it typically means we use 9 different vegetables, nuts and paneer. The highlight is that the mild spice and […]

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Lima Beans Biryani

Lima Beans Biryani

Lima Beans Biryani is easy to make one pot meal that’s healthy and filling as well with lima beans, mixed vegetables included in it. When I was deciding on letter L, I thought of Lobia, Lilva and couldn’t go any further. Suddenly something struck me that I could use Lima Beans as well. These beans […]

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