Utshob Sondesh | How to make Utsav Sandesh

Utsav Sandesh

Utshob Sondesh or Utsav Sandesh is my choice for U in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. We are into our final week of this Mega BM and I can’t believe it been almost like a breeze for me after picking up this theme. The last 6 alphabets were the toughest as I was […]

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Tota Puli | How to make Bengali Tota Puli

Tota Puli

Tota Puli is my choice for T in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. There are some traditional sweets starting with T such as Talsansh Sandesh, Tangail Cham Chama, while I also came across Tripti, a Sweet shop version. For a long time, I was hooked on Tal sansh Sandesh as this one seems […]

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Quick Rasmalai | How to make Instant Rasmalai

Quick Rasmalai

Quick Rasmalai is my choice for Q in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. I was planning on Quick Sandesh, however, all Sandesh varieties get done quickly, so there was no point in having a dish in this name. Then I even thought of making something with Quaker Oats to make a Sandesh. I […]

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Orange Sandesh | How to make Komal Sandesh

Orange Sandesh

Orange Sandesh is my choice for O in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. I was not able to find any other dish for O and this was listed in the google book. There is another dish made with Oranges, popularly known as Komala Bhog. Komala Bhog is Orange flavoured Rasgullas. I was almost tempted […]

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Nikhuti Payesh | How to make Nikuti Payesh

Nikhuti Payesh

Nikhuti Payesh is my choice for N. The other N I had was Nalen Gurer Payesh, so many to do with the Nolen Gur Jaggery. Since this is a winter ingredient and on top, I have read many Bengali Food Bloggers in Chennai lamenting that they don’t get it here, I knew it was not […]

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Ice Cream Sandesh | How to make Khoya Kulfi Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh is an interesting twist to the kulfi made with fresh Chhana or paneer. This only requires 4 ingredients and you just blend and freeze! From the moment I made my list, I knew I had to do something with Ice cream for alphabet I. I searched wondering if I will find anything […]

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Fruit Sandesh | How to make Tricolour Sandesh

Fruit Sandesh

Fruit Sandesh is a delightful mix of Kancha Golla Sandesh with Fruits and Norom Paak Sandesh that are again cooked with nuts. As I had mentioned, I took advantage of the long weekend I had during our Independence day and I was making a handful of Sandesh that day. I knew I had planned on […]

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Elixir Sandesh | How to make Almond Pista Sandesh

Elixir Sandesh

Elixir Sandesh is my choice for the alphabet E in the A to Z Bengali Sweets Series. I had nothing else to fall back and the only options I had was either Easy Rad Malai or Easy Sandesh, which I wasn’t ready. It was a case of sheer desperation that I started searching again when […]

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