Orange Sandesh | How to make Komal Sandesh

Orange Sandesh

Orange Sandesh is my choice for O in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. I was not able to find any other dish for O and this was listed in the google book. ThereĀ is another dish made with Oranges, popularly known as Komala Bhog. Komala Bhog is Orange flavoured Rasgullas. I was almost tempted […]

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Fruit Sandesh | How to make Tricolour Sandesh

Fruit Sandesh

Fruit Sandesh is a delightful mix of Kancha Golla Sandesh with Fruits and Norom Paak Sandesh that are again cooked with nuts. As I had mentioned, I took advantage of the long weekend I had during our Independence day and I was making a handful of Sandesh that day. I knew I had planned on […]

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