Besan Ki Poori | How to make Spicy Besan Poori

Besan Ki Poori aur Sabzi Nasta Thali

Besan Ki Poori is a gram flour deep fried bread made with a mix of besan and wheat flour and spiced with the masala. These make a good dish on its own without any side dish. For the next Indian Flatbread, I decided to make this Besan Ki Poori. I already have a Besan Masala […]

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Takatle Pole ~ A to Z Indian Breakfast Dishes

Takatle Pole - Konkani Style Buttermilk Dosa

Takatle Pole is a buttermilk dosa from the Konkani Cuisine. This is Buttermilk Dosa is soft and delicious. The dosa comes out spongy and soft. Surnali is another version of Konkani Dosa made with poha, rice with poha, grated coconut, buttermilk, and jaggery. So it was interesting to make another version of Dosa. I saw […]

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Malligai Idli | How to make Kushboo Idli

Malligai Idli

Malligai Idli or Mallige Idli is one of the popular idli varieties that are available in hotels, these are so soft, spongy and tastes delicious. While idlis are very popular as such in the south, with both the idlis served in the hotel are equally sort out as the ones made at home, there was […]

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