Panang Kalkandu Sakkarai Pongal

For the second day of Desserts, I have yet another Indian Sweet, made with Rice and Panang Kalkandu. While we mostly use Jaggary for making Sakkarai Pongal, sometimes I have used sugar, Sugar Candy instead of Jaggary. For Aadi Krithigai, this time, the sweet pongal was made using Palm Sugar. When we were thinking of alternate ingredient instead […]

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Aadi Krithigai | Aadi Krithigai Recipes

Aadi Krithigai Festival Recipes

Even though all of us follow the English Calendar for all our activities, the Indian States have their own calendars and months that are different from the English Calendar. Aadi Maasam or Month marks the beginning of the festival season. This year it began on July 17. For a non conformist, keeping track of all […]

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Thayir Sadam | Spicy Seasoned Curd Rice

For all festivals we make the curd rice along with serving the curds and rice as well. This is because the curd rice is prepared in the morning and is allowed to settle down with the different spices and flavours that gets added to it. Curds/Yogurt is part and parcel of all South Indian meals. […]

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