Haridwar wali Kachori

Haridwar wali Kachori - Street Food

Haridwar wali kachori aur aloo ki sabzi is a delicious poori sabzi available for breakfast in Haridwar. The kachoris are crisp and thick, stuffed with a spicy lentil masala mix. It is served in a spicy potato gravy. I adapted my Haridwar wali kachori from here and also read about how it is available in […]

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Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha

Bikaneri Papad Ka Parathe

Bikaneri Papad Ka Paratha is a paratha made with crushed papad mixed with onions and spices. The papad is roasted and crushed before mixing it and stuffing inside the paratha. This is yet another of those fun and innovative parathas that kids would love to enjoy. I made these parathas along with Bhujia Sev Paratha. […]

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Bhedawi Puri | How to make Rajasthani Bhedawi Poori

Bhedawi Puri

Bhedawi Puri is a Rajasthani puri made with a dough made of all purpose flour and kalonji. It has a stuffing prepared with urad dal and whole spices. The final deep fried bread tastes out of the world and you can serve it with some easy side dishes for a complete meal. When I decided […]

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Besan Ki Poori | How to make Spicy Besan Poori

Besan Ki Poori aur Sabzi Nasta Thali

Besan Ki Poori is a gram flour deep fried bread made with a mix of besan and wheat flour and spiced with the masala. These make a good dish on its own without any side dish. For the next Indian Flatbread, I decided to make this Besan Ki Poori. I already have a Besan Masala […]

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Bedmi Poori ~ Punjabi Style Puri Recipe

Punjabi Bedmi Puri

Bedmi Poori the Punjabi Style Puri Recipe is made with urad dal paste along with spices and masalas for a delicious Sunday Breakfast. The side dishes served with it makes a complete meal. I have already many different Bedmi Pooris shared, this recipe different from the rest, and I adapted mine from here. I had […]

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Brinjal Curry ~ Easy Side Dish for Biryani

Brinjal Curry

Brinjal Curry is an Easy Side Dish for Biryani that can be done very quickly. Biryanis always are served with some raita and gravy on the side and this dish is very apt for it. First of all, when we make Biryanis, we always end up making something on the side as well. So you […]

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Gummadikaya Pulusu ~ Vegetarian Lunch Thali

Gummadikaya Pulusu

Gummadikaya Pulusu is the next one featured in the Vegetarian Lunch Thali. This Pulusu is a tangy, slightly sweetish gravy that pairs well with steamed rice. We mostly make pumpkin as gojju or thick gravy. And there are occasions when we want to make something extra too. And there are occasions when the dishes we […]

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Pavakkai Pitlai | How to make Bitter gourd Pitlai

Pavakkai Pitlai

Pavakkai Pitlai is a tangy, mildly spiced tamarind gravy, served with rice. The ground masala added to the Pitlai makes it very delicious when served with steamed rice and ghee. Pitlai is much similar to the Arachuvita Sambar with a slight difference in the ingredients added. You can serve Pitlai in different ways. When you […]

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Stromboli | Easy Stromboli in 35 mins for Pizza Party

Stromboli with No Rise Pizza Dough

Stromboli is a stuffed bread made with either pizza dough or Italian bread dough, It is stuffed with various Italian Cheeses along with cold cuts or vegetables. This easy Stromboli in 35 mins can be ready for Pizza Party and is a delicious bread shaped like a long cylinder and baked. Records say that a […]

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Burger Pizza | How to make Burger Pizza

Burger Pizza

Burgers and Pizzas are interesting ones to enjoy in a pajama party exchanging stories with your friends. Do you have kids that love burgers and Pizzas? Well, this is a fusion between the two. These burger pizzas are quick to assemble as I have used storebought burger buns. I have a limited choice of vegetables […]

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