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Pizza Party Platter

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Pizza Party Platter is the ultimate platter with ideas for your Pizza Party! Loaded with a pizza for all, this platter makes you crave for more!

When I planned for a pizza party, my kids were so excited and over the moon. In fact, I can’t express it more better, lets just say nothing could hold their excitement and kept asking me when I was going to make. By now they knew that I had such party themes in mind and were sharing the different pizzas they wanted me to make.

Don’t be misled that they actually wanted to try different toppins! They only wanted paneer since chicken was out of question. I said since this was for this blog, I can’t even use eggs. With so many different pizza recipes already on the blog, I had to plan a lot to come up with new versions.

I thoroughly enjoyed gathering ideas. I had plans for making cone pizza, muffin pizza and some more interesting ideas. However, in the end, I ended up using different dough, new tomato sauces etc. I managed to come up with four different versions plus two rolls and some garlic stick. With the whole platter being so sinful, we were left wondering which one to eat first!

On the different pizzas on the plate!

Konda wanted a Margherita Pizza for herself and it had extra cheese over the cheese and she loved it to the core.
Boys wanted a Paneer Butter Masala Pizza where I had to make a new recipe for the paneer
Cheese Burst Pizza was because we were craving for that oozing out cheese.

Stromboli and Pizza Cheese Rolls were for parents who loved the elegant rolls.
I decided some healthy and colour Garden Fresh Vegetable Pizza would be apt for myself.
While we are all agreed that these small sized Pizza Pockets
and Pizza Hut Copycat Breadsticks for the small bite on the side.
To end it all, this sinful Chocolate Mousse was just perfect!

All the pizza dough used for the different variety were new one and were no rise pizza dough. I wish I had the foresight to click those pictures for a new post on the No Rise Pizza dough and along with different tomato sauce I had made. Konda clicked only one version that I will be sharing later.

This Pizza platter was the most cherished of all our cherished thalis I have cooked. With this Pizza Platter, I complete the Week 1 of Thalis & Platters where I was doing Platters. From next week its going to be six dishes under different themes.

Pizza Party Platter

Pizza Platter Menu

Margherita Pizza
Paneer Butter Masala Pizza
Cheese Burst Pizza
Pizza Pockets
Pizza Hut Copycat Breadsticks
Garden Fresh Vegetable Pizza
Pizza Cheese Rolls
Chocolate Mousse

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  1. What do I say to this ?

    Pizza lovers paradise !
    With so much variety of pizza being made at home , Tarun will have to wonder what to do ! I must tell him his business is at stake ! Lol !

    Seriously everything on that platter will please the kids , they are huge pizza fans . A perfect restaurant table with a big delicious menu . 🥰

  2. Yum yum yum …it’s all so delicious and perfect for any party, be it kids or adults! My husband used to love the paneer tikka pizza, it’s been a long time since I tried making it. Your post is giving me ideas to try a pizza party:-)

  3. That’s indeed one sinful platter and I can imagine the kids excitement. I am equally excited seeing the pictures. All the dishes are amazing I definitely need to try this sometime.

  4. Oh wow, that is every thing for every one. I end up doing same at time, but so many pizza varities. Would check the stromboli recipe.

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