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How to Crop Images for Making Collage

We are on the final day of BM56 Mega Edition featuring Buffet on Table. We choose to do a specific theme for each week, starting with Combo dishes, Indian States, Condiments, Breakfast across countries and finally ending it with Blogger’s choice. I chose to do three posts on Blogging 101. These tips and tricks are […]

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How To Resize An Image for Blog

Can’t believe this September rushed off so quickly! Guess we say this every time after a mega BM gets done. We spend almost 3 -4 months if not more, deciding on the themes for the Biyearly Mega BM that we do. This September Buffet on Table was no less exciting and I have been enjoying […]

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Mango Ice Cream Recipe | Homemade Mango Ice-Cream

If Paal Ice was something I made when I was 11, Mango Ice Cream was something I first made during my early 20’s. It was during the Mango season that I thought I should make something different with the excess mangoes we had. During the season, everybody is seen eating only mangoes and nothing else. […]

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