Paneer Kulfi | Dressing up Rosgulla

Paneer Kulfi

Paneer Kulfi is an innovative Indian Kulfi made with leftover Rasgulla and condensed milk that surely makes a wonderful dessert anytime. As I had said yesterday, I had a load full of hard rasgulla that I had to reuse and recreate. So this Indian Kulfi made with condensed milk was an instant and quick sweet. […]

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Dark Chocolate Truffle with Dulce de Leche

Dark Chocolate Truffle with Dulce de leche

Dark Chocolate Truffle with Dulce de Leche is a sinful chocolate treat you can make with just 2 ingredients. I had this planned for 3 Ingredients by also including Nutella in the stuffing. When I came across the 3 Ingredient Oreo Fudge, I decided to make it and also keep this recipe very simple. I […]

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Chocolate Pom Poms ~ 2 Ingredient Dessert

Chocolate Pom Poms

Chocolate Pom Poms are the easiest dessert you can come up with when you are either short of time or even worse short of ideas! If you had noticed, I haven’t been able to do the first week of this month’s BM. I just have too many things on hand to handle and naturally, blogging […]

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