Fara | How to make Chawal Ke Fare


Fara or Chawal Ke Fare is quick to make breakfast dish from Chhattisgarh made with just three ingredients like rice flour, salt, and oil. These make a healthy option for breakfast. These Faras are more like Ammani Kozhukattai made during Ganesh Chaturthi with just bare minimum ingredients. I made with just 1/2 cup of rice […]

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Paneer Ladoo | Quick Ladoo with Rosgulla

Paneer Ladoo

Paneer Ladoo is an instant 3 Ingredient Recipe made with paneer, condensed milk, garnished with fresh coconut. Here hard Rosgullas are modified into ladoo. There are many ways to make this Paneer Ladoo, however, the simplest one to make it with condensed milk and fresh coconut. When I did the A to Z Bengali Sweets […]

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Caramelized Potatoes ~ How to make Karamelliseret Kartofler

Danish Karamelliseret Kartofler

Caramelized Potatoes, a typical Danish Christmas classic, is a wonderful twist to the regular potato wedges made by cooking potato wedges in caramelized sugar and butter sauce. The salty sweet wedges with the caramel taste so heavenly. This week, its all about Scandinavian Cuisines, where the focus is on Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I have […]

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Caramel Popsicles | 3 Ingredient Caramel Popsicles

Caramel Popsicles is an easy to make 3 ingredient dish using condensed milk, cream and the caramel sauce. I used my 2 Ingredient Ice Cream and my Caramel Sauce. Instead of making a regular ice cream, I used the popsicle to make interesting for the kids. I tasted it and it was so delicious. I […]

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3-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Almond Truffle

We are starting the second week of BM#64, and I will be doing 3 dishes with 3 Ingredient Recipes.  It’s been a while since I have been obsessed with these 2 ingredients, 3 ingredients and yes 4 and 5 too. The idea was to explore how one can make delicious dishes with a just handful […]

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Cheese Hasselback Potatoes

For the final day of cooking with 3 ingredients, I took the liberty of excluding the accepted ingredients like the salt and oil to make these delicious Cheese Hasselback Potatoes. I could’ve very well made a plain Hasselback Potatoes without the cheese. Then I thought when I am going to indulge in making something with […]

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1 Minute Microwave Nutella Cake | 3 Ingredient Nutella Cake

This must be yet another of those quickest desserts I have made. Making it in microwave hardly takes time and since I was also doing the 3 ingredient Dishes, I wanted to use something thats easily available all the time. I used Nutella as its always stocked. I read some Nutella cakes with eggs, again […]

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