Dark Chocolate Fudge Truffles ~ Easy Diwali Sweet!

Dark Chocolate Fudge Truffles

Dark Chocolate Fudge Truffle is a quick and easy one you can make with just 4 ingredients for your Diwali Party. These are intense and addictive truffles. When I was thinking about what else to make for the Diwali Sweets, I knew any more of the ladoos will only be consumed by us and not […]

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Zafrani Sandesh | How to make Saffron Sandesh

Zafrani Sandesh

Zafrani Sandesh is my choice for Z in the A to Z Bengali Sweet Series. As expected there is no other choice for this letter in the regional language or in English. So the moment I came to plan Z, I immediately thought of Zafrani referring the Saffron Flavoured Sandesh. While there has been some […]

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Ice Cream Sandesh | How to make Khoya Kulfi Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh

Ice Cream Sandesh is an interesting twist to the kulfi made with fresh Chhana or paneer. This only requires 4 ingredients and you just blend and freeze! From the moment I made my list, I knew I had to do something with Ice cream for alphabet I. I searched wondering if I will find anything […]

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