Vada Pulusu | How to make Masala Vada Curry Andhra Style

Masala Vada Curry Andhra Style

Vada Pulusu or the Masala Vada Curry Andhra Style is an interesting gravy made with masala vadas in a tangy gravy. First of all, this gravy might have come up to use the leftover masala vadas. However, in our place, we never have leftover masala vadas, so it is always prepared with fresh vadas. The […]

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Peanut Kara Pulusu ~ Tangy Side Dish for Rice

Peanut Kara Pulusu

Peanut Kara Pulusu is a tangy gravy served with steamed rice and is a delicious dish made with boiled peanuts. The crunchy peanuts make a nice add on to the gravy when eaten with rice. Pulusu is a tangy gravy made with tamarind base in Andhra mostly spiced with red chili powder and coriander, unlike […]

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Vankaya Gongura Masala | Gongura Gutti Vankaya

Knowledge is knowing Brinjal is a fruit, Wisdom is not adding it in a Fruit Salad… This is what led me to think about those fruits that are used as vegetables. Technically fruits are those that have seeds and develops from flowers. However, some are used as vegetables. So some of the vegetables that are used […]

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Onion Curry | Easy Side Dish for Chapati

Onion Curry is an easy side dish for Chapati. Since it only needs a handful of ingredients it hardly takes much time to make this dish. Today is another special dish from Athamma’s mom, who used to make this dish when they were kids. Athamma has been telling me about this dish, which was normally […]

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Vankaya Munakkaya Senaga Pappu Kura with Ragi Mudda

Wish all my readers a Happy Ugadi. We had the regular Ugadi Special Brunch after the pooja was over. Today’s special dish is yet another Andhra special, featuring Chana Dal pappu with Vegetables. This makes a great pair with Ragi Mudda. We had a crunchy bite with the Ragi namak para on the side. Taking […]

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Green Papaya Kura | Boppayakaya Kura

I have always eaten Papaya as a fruit and never ventured into making a curry with it. Recently when Athamma found herself with a bunch of these, she wanted to make a curry and brought it home. Then she realized that she didn’t remember how to go about making this. So Amma ended up making […]

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