Paneer Kulfi | Dressing up Rosgulla

Paneer Kulfi

Paneer Kulfi is an innovative Indian Kulfi made with leftover Rasgulla and condensed milk that surely makes a wonderful dessert anytime. As I had said yesterday, I had a load full of hard rasgulla that I had to reuse and recreate. So this Indian Kulfi made with condensed milk was an instant and quick sweet. […]

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Paneer Ladoo | Quick Ladoo with Rosgulla

Paneer Ladoo

Paneer Ladoo is an instant 3 Ingredient Recipe made with paneer, condensed milk, garnished with fresh coconut. Here hard Rosgullas are modified into ladoo. There are many ways to make this Paneer Ladoo, however, the simplest one to make it with condensed milk and fresh coconut. When I did the A to Z Bengali Sweets […]

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Tropical Fruit Parfait ~ Easy Desserts

For the second day of Summer Coolers, I wanted to make a simple Tropical Fruits Parfait. I ended up getting all the fruits twice to make this simple dessert. The first time I got all the fruits, something came up and I couldn’t make it. Second time ended up the same, somehow I managed to […]

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3 Ingredient Microwave Chocolate Fudge

As you might know, Chocolate dishes just happen at home, with no plans ahead. So this was one of those dishes that kids got to eat because I was cooking too many other dishes and they were left with nothing of their liking. I have another similar Microwave Fudge, with more ingredients added. So today’s […]

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3-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Almond Truffle

We are starting the second week of BM#64, and I will be doing 3 dishes with 3 Ingredient Recipes.  It’s been a while since I have been obsessed with these 2 ingredients, 3 ingredients and yes 4 and 5 too. The idea was to explore how one can make delicious dishes with a just handful […]

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Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake ~ Microwave Mug Cake

Birthdays are always memorable. I vividly remember celebrating mine with Caramel Toffees most of my life, then it got upgraded to Carbuary Nuts, those small caramel coated chocolate nuts. Those days it was never about cutting cakes at home. It was mostly spending time with school friends. The whole day you are treated so special […]

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Eggless Apple Tea Cake | How to make Eggless Apple Loaf

Continuing on with my Cooking with Fruits in all forms, I couldn’t think beyond a Tea Cake. Well, maybe not. But I wanted to just think about more of Tea Cakes. Its like a long last dream finally coming out. It seems forever, my wish to indulge in cakes, but since nothing decent ever gets […]

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