Paneer Bonda | Easy and Quick Snack for Kids

As I may have said many times, Paneer in any form is most sought out at home. Off late with the frequent power offs, we run the risk of getting the milk spoilt. So we end up with loads of paneer all the time. And of course given the fact that Konda and Peddu love […]

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Bread Roll | Mini Bites for Kids

Do you have a dish that evokes nostalgic memories from childhood? I am sure you do and more than one at that. I have such dishes too which brings out those long forgotten memories, bitter sweet as they remind you so much of the time that will never come back. It’s strange right, how we […]

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Udhi Bonda ~ Urad Dal Bondas!

Urad Dal Bonda

Urad Dal Bondas or Udhi Bonda are easy to make deep fried balls made with smoothly ground Urad dal batter with onions and spices to make a delicious snack. Since the first time I had made to share here, the boys were 2 years old, I hadn’t added onions or lot of chilies,  however this time […]

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