Veg Makhanwala Recipe | How to make Vegetable Makhani

Vegetable Makhani

Veg Makhanwala is a creamy rich gravy made with the roasted ingredients and full of vegetables that makes a delicious side dish for Naans or Rotis. Vegetable Makhanwala or Vegetable Makhani as it is also referred to as is quite easy to make if you plan ahead with ingredients to make this dish. My Paneer […]

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Spicy Aloo Masala ~ Side dish for Pulao

Spicy Aloo Masala

This spicy Aloo Masala is made with a creamy paste of roasted onions and other masalas to make this a rich and spicy side dish to be served with mild Pulaos. When I had made the Biryani/ Pulao / Khichdi Festival, I had some mild Pulaos on the list that had to be paired with […]

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Moghlai Aloo | How to make Mughlai Aloo

For the fifth day of making Potato Gravies for the BM Mega Marathon, Cooking Carnival, I have yet another recipe from my recipe collection. This recipe was selected after I decided that I am going with all gravies from the Indian States. I got this recipe from an online Indian working women group based out […]

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Channa Masala Recipe

For the third and final day of cooking smooth gravies, I have yet another favorite of my kids, the chole. Our Sunday breakfast is alternated with either Appam and Tomato Kurma or Poori Channa. My boys are specific with the same dish being served. So I do not experiment all the time.  However, this time, […]

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Shahi Paneer Masala

For the second day of Smooth Gravies, I have a Shahi Paneer Masala. You know I can’t complete this series without a paneer in tow right. This is a gravy I cooked as I went on when kids asked for a new version of their favorite paneer. I started without an idea on how differently […]

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Alsande Tonak | Black Eyed Peas Goan Special Curry

For the second day of BM#47, under bookmarked recipes, I wanted to make the Goan Tondak by Vaishali, that I was drooling when Vaishali had made it for her Indian States. She had visited Archana and along with her cooked up a feast of the special Goan Tondak and Pav. Since I was cooking for […]

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