Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Vegetable Biryani

This easy Vegetable Biryani recipe comes handy when you have leftover cooked rice or try something new. One pot meal always comes handy be it when you want to pack for office or when you want to travel. Especially when you plan for a picnic, I am sure you will want to pack something that […]

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Cauliflower Peas Pulao Recipe

Time surely has no sense of time! Well the way the days have rolled into weeks, left me amazed that I am doing the 3rd group of the Blogging Marathon. And two weeks have just gone so quickly. Though I never thought I will do the rest of the weeks, somehow didn’t feel good letting […]

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Corn Vegetable Pulao | Kid’s Lunch Box Recipes

Last week when Amma had got these corn kernels, we wanted to cook as many dishes with these as we could. But as it would be, we couldn’t find enough time to get whatever we planned. Then when hubby dear went on a day’s trip we had lunch to be planned only for us. This […]

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Ribbon Pakoda ~ Treats for Indian Festivals!

As a child I always remember looking forward to this time of the year. The many festivals that are celebrated during these months are so many. As such there there is no dearth for festivals in Hindu custom and every festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm. Starting with Navaratri to Deepavali, the celebrations just go […]

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Quick and Simple Tomato Rice For Kids

Aloo Masala for Quick Tomato Rice

This quick and simple Tomato Rice is a delicious one-pot meal you can make for your toddlers. Since it’s so easy to make, this also works well lunch boxes. Necessity they say is the mother of all new inventions. Right, I am not about to dispute that. Just confirming that this has indeed been the […]

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Gooseberry Rice ~ Usirikai Annam!

I have been wanting to post some good recipes that are healthy and recommended for people who suffer from diabetes mellitus, but never seem to come around them. So when we made this rice, I thought yes, this is the chance I was waiting for. I have even roped in my Dad to help me […]

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