Halim Ladoo | How to make Alivache Ladoo

Halim Ladoo – A to Z Maharashtrian Sweets When I started checking out words for H in Marathi, I was going to dead ends in most cases. For lack of knowledge in the language, I couldn’t even guess if there were dishes that start with H or ingredients as having spent some considerable time looking for […]

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Gul Poli | How to make Jaggery Stuffed Flatbread

Gul Poli – A to Z Maharashtrian Sweets Happy Ugadi to all my readers! It was an easy pick for G. Though I had a choice like GuLacha Shira, Gul Shevya, Ghavan Ghatle, Gavhle, God Shankarpale, Gulachi poli was the one that was appealing. This Jaggery stuffed Flatbread might seem quite simple before you read the […]

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Alshi Ladoo | How to make Flaxseed Ladoo

Alshi Ladoo Recipe

A for Alshi Ladoo / Alsi Ki Pinni – A to Z Maharashtrian Sweets Welcome to the Journey through the Cuisine, where I am doing an A to Z on Maharashtrian Sweets. It’s been a wonderful learning experience, reading through the many blogs I chanced on while searching for the appropriate alphabet. For A, I had […]

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