Juar Jo Dodo | How to make Jowar Roti

Juar Jo Dodo

Juar Jo Dodo is a Sindhi style rustic bread made with sorghum or Jowar flour. It’s an easy dish to make and you can serve this for breakfast with just pickle. We are on J in the A to Z Indian Breakfast series and the other choice I had for J was Javvarisi or Sago. […]

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Ponk Vada | How to make Fresh Jowar Pakora

Ponk Vada

Ponk Vada or Pakoras made with fresh tender Jowar is a delightful snack made during the winter season when it is freshly available. Ponk or fresh Jowar is perishable produce that doesn’t stay good for long. It should be cooked within a short period or can be frozen. I haven’t seen or heard about fresh […]

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Dhapate from Maharashtra


Dhapate is a multigrain roti from Maharashtra and is made by mixing all the grain flour along with spices and vegetables. The first time when I read it, I thought this will be an excellent roti to enjoy and it is healthy too as we will be including so many different grains. This is almost […]

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Jowar Vegetable Soup | Diabetes Diet Food

After the Jowar Drink for a healthy start, it had to be a soup. The diet that I was given featured lot of soups and we had to come up with different versions of soup to cover the items. A hot broth makes you feel so good anytime you drink it. Make it more filling […]

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Jowar Drink | Diabetes Diet Food

One of first thing you get to hear from any doctor about planning a diet, will be about how important your breakfast is. There are couple different opinions on whether one should eat heavy or light for their breakfast. Breakfast means exactly what it says, breaking the fast that one takes from the dinner to […]

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Popped Jowars ~ Healthy Snack for Kids!

Did you ever face a situation where you learnt a new thing and you felt strange for never knowing it? This happened to me couple of weeks back. For the Sankranti festival, Athamma wanted to prepare all those dishes that her mom used to make for the festival. One of those were these different laddos […]

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