Beerakaya Pappu | Andhra Style Ridge Gourd Dal

Beerakaya Pappu

Beerakaya Pappu is a traditional dal from Andhra made with Ridge gourd and lentils. This is a comfort dal served with steamed rice along with Avakaya Pickle. When we talk about Beerakaya Pappu, I will always remember how it has been since the time I was married and how this dal was made at home. […]

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Shahi Khichdi | Royal Mixed Vegetable Khichdi

Shahi Khichdi

Shahi Khichdi is a rich preparation with rice, mixed lentils, and vegetables along with various roasted nuts included. This is a one pot meal even and very quick to make, even though it has a long ingredient list. I made not of this from Viji’s space where she talks about this being the North Indian […]

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Choorie Ka Parantha from Uttar Pradesh

Choorie Ka Parantha

Choorie Ka Parantha or Churi Paratha is a flatbread from Uttar Pradesh, where powdered Split Yellow Moong dal is soaked in water and then mixed with Atta with spices to make a flaky paratha similar to Warqi Paratha. My initial choice was Chotha, that I had bookmarked from Vaishali. However, since I was looking for […]

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Rajma Tomato Biryani | How to make Rajma Biryani in Pan

For the second day of Holiday Dishes, I have a biryani that I cooked on a weekend during my kids vacation. Kids love biryanis and if the vegetarian version tastes like a chicken they like it better. I wanted to make with this Rajma as I love lentils in rice combination. We are very fond […]

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Burmese Pe Byouk | Sprouted Yellow Peas

From what I read, these yellow beans are very important ingredient of the cuisine and gets featured a lot. The salient point of course, is that you got to sprout the beans before cooking. The beans used is the regular yellow peas or Vatana in North. I simply dislike the aroma that comes after cooking […]

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Maharashtrian Misal Pav | Misal Pav Recipe

Maharashtrian Misal Pav

For the final day of Indian States, I had selected Maharashtra. I had been eyeing their Thali for the longest time. I was so sure that this occasion, I will finally make it. The next push came when Pradnya so lovingly gifted us goodie bags with Maharashtrian spice powders and much more. I feel so […]

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How to Sprout Moth Beans | Matki Sprouts for Misal Pav

When I decided to make Misal Pav, which called for Moth Beans, I was wondering if I could use Moong Sprouts. Pradnya told me that Moong sprouts won’t hold its shape and I could think of using mixed sprouts. We do get Moth Beans or Matki here, however since I do not use it much, […]

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Balekai Kodilu | Raw Banana Sambar ~ Udupi Style Sambar

For the third day of Indian States, under BM#56, Buffet on Table, I am going to give you a feast from the Udupi Cuisine. Of all the cuisines of Karnataka, Udupi Cuisine is very famous and renowned for its vegetarian feast. As you all might know already, I am very fond of Indian Thalis and […]

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