Peanut Sesame Ladoo | How to make Nuvvula Palli Ladoo

Peanut Sesame Ladoo

Peanut Sesame Ladoo or Nuvvula Palli Ladoo is a nutritious ball made during most festivals that are healthy and filling. These small bites serve as a good energy source for kids We mostly make these peanut sesame ladoos for Ganesh Chaturthi. Of course, we can make these anytime as its so easy to make and […]

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Raja Kebab | How to make stuffed Papad Rolls

Raja Kebab

Raja Kebab is a stuffed paneer potato filling in a papad that is deep fried and served in bite sized pieces. These make a fantastic party starter and delicious evening snack. When I wanted to make Awadhi Thali or the Mixed North Indian Thali, Vaishali suggested this Raja Kebab that was her restaurant. This is […]

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Moong Dal Kachori | How to make Khasta Moong Dal Kachori

Moong Daal Kachori

Khasta Moong Dal Kachori is a sinful deep fried ball from the North Indian Cuisine, filled with ground moong dal with spices and deep fried in a flaky outer layer. When I planned for Rajasthani Thali, I had asked Vaishali for a starter or snack and she suggested I make this. While I already have […]

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Chitti Kajalu | Andhra Mini Kaja

Chitti Kajalu

Chitti Kajalu is the mini version of the Kaja, an Andhra Special deep fried sweet made during Deepavali. We started the Deepavali Sweets and Savories this weekend and since Amma always has the tradition of making sweets first, she made this quick bites before starting the savory preparation. The proportion she used for these Chitti […]

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Mini Nankhatai Recipe

Mini Nankhatai makes a wonderful edible gift. I always make some cakes, brownies or cookies when I visit my SILs. My nephew and nieces enjoy my baked dishes and look forward to them. Every year during the Sankranthi holidays, we make a trip to my Hubby dear’s hometown and it was same this year as […]

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Eggless Mini Chocolate Chip Muffin

Eggless Mini Chocolate Chip Muffin combines the flavours of dark chocolate chips with vanilla flavours. This is a great portion control and makes a great snack as this is made in mini muffin trays. I got this mini muffin tray during my last US trip and wasn’t sure if the tray will fit my oven. […]

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Paneer Bonda | Easy and Quick Snack for Kids

As I may have said many times, Paneer in any form is most sought out at home. Off late with the frequent power offs, we run the risk of getting the milk spoilt. So we end up with loads of paneer all the time. And of course given the fact that Konda and Peddu love […]

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